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Airplane extraction after tree "Landing"


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Parked/Landed my FT Tiny Trainer high up in a pine tree this evening after work. Tromped around in the thicket of vines and smaller trees below breaking rotting limbs off to try and throw at my plane. I hit the plane a few times, but it didn't budge. Got all scraped up in the process. Then I remembered one of my other hobbies/interests.... Tree Climbing. I went home and got my throw line and throw weight. This is the tool that tree climbers fling high up in the tree to then pull their climbing rope up and over a solid limb. After a few tries, I was able to throw the line over the limb my plane was stuck on and then let the weight down and grab both ends of the line. Using both ends I was able to yank on the limb until it turned loose of my plane. Then the plane got stuck in the next limb down and I had to repeat the process. I finally got my plane back in one piece and the only damage was to the prop. Here is a picture of my throw line kit:


WEAVER D SERIES THROW WEIGHT 12 oz. ($11.95 www.treestuff.com)
New England Dynaglide Throw Line 150 ft x 2mm 1000 lb test ($24.95 www.treestuff.com)
WEAVER THROW LINE STORAGE BAG Small ($9.95 www.treestuff.com)
Using a throwball / throwline: https://youtu.be/jFyu8rgRHAQ

Hope this helps somebody.
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Welcome to the forums. I got a my batbone quad stuck high in a pine tree once when I was camping and normally wouldn't hesitate to climb up and get it. However this was the first and last time I was camping without my climbing rope! It was a last minute decision to go camping and I forgot to grab the rope. We eventually got it down by repeatedly throttling up to wiggle it loose. I like the line throwing kit though, thanks for sharing.


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Thanks for the comments. I went back to the same field after work today and flew my first full battery without crashing, Woo Hoo! Felt like I flew for 20 minutes, it was great. I needed that... A little success to keep me motivated.