1. R

    Changing Batteries Without the Help of Human Hands

    I think it would be really significant and cool if a drone or rc plane could connect to new batteries and toss the old batteries without a person touching it. I want to see a drone pull a pony express and swap batteries on its own over a flying course. Of course I don't mean just installing an...
  2. EraJomppa

    Parallel and series pondering

    I´ll divide my question in 2 parts, but let me start by saying that I have some knowledge of the subject but making the logical conclusion is sometimes difficult so I want to get some suggestions and opinions from you guys. 1st. I got two 6cell (6s) batteries connected in parallel under load...
  3. G

    4 port battery charger recommendations?

    Hi, I am looking into getting a 4 port charger so I don't have to wait so long to charge all my batteries. So far I have narrowed it down to two, the Dynamite Prophet Sport Quad 4 X 50W AC/DC Charger (DYNC2040) and the Hitec X4 AC+ 4 Channel AC/DC Charger (HRC44167) The things that I want the...
  4. N

    DP Batteries

    Good morning everyone, I received an email from a company claiming to make high quality batteries at a low cost... .. . I'm wondering if anyone has heard from them or used them? Cheers
  5. G

    Battery charging question

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if I can charge a 150mah lipo at a 100mah charge rate? The reason I am asking is my Hitec X1 MF 80-Watt AC/DC Charger only goes up in intervals of 100mah. Thanks!
  6. Q

    Charging Multi Cell LiPo Batteries via USB

    I'm looking for a way to charge a 2 cell LiPo via a USB port... I know there are USB chargers for single cell batteries, but I'm not sure if there are any multicell chargers (or if it's even possible). I'm looking for a cheap/easy way to charge the batteries on my quad while camping/hiking so...
  7. Kurt0326

    LIPOS Gone Bad. Tips/Stories

    I have thought about doing this thread for a couple of days now. As I am still relatively new to this hobby, I am still learning. I want to talk about one of the more dangerous pieces of your RC tools, the lithium polymer battery. There are many treads talking about how to pick the right...
  8. A

    Battery on FPV Setup

    So I'm an FPV noob. Here's my question. I want to run my FPV equipment off of the same flight battery that flies my multirotor. What size battery will I need to step up to to run both and have a decent flight time? Flight setup Bat Bone tricopter Suppo 2208-14 motors 3s 2200mAh 20C battery...
  9. D


    My charger has options of charge AND balance charging. I know balance charging keeps the cells at nice, equal voltages, but is it a thing I should only use once in a while? Does it wear out the battery a bit faster?
  10. E

    Difficulty with mounting batteries on the battery+GoPro tray

    I am building my new Electrohub Spider Quad, but I ran into an issue, I can't mount my Turnigy 4s LiPo. The battery is just too big for the tray, and it hits the nuts that connect the tray to the frame. I can strap the battery to the bottom of the tray, but then the landing gear aren't long...
  11. A

    episode request about motors and batteries

    I have a request, as someone getting into the hobby. I am often overwhelmed by the numbers being thrown around. I know that you guys give battery and motor recommendations for the planes you test. but what about an episode on how you chose the right battery and ESC for the motor. Or how to chose...
  12. D

    Battery Purchase Websites?

    I am in the process of building my first plane (FT Flyer) and am very new to the hobby. I have been successful in finding all the parts I need except for reasonably priced batteries. I have checked out hobby king and found that their shipping costs are pretty high which makes what seems like a...
  13. I

    Ni-ion 4 cell won't light up KK2.1 board...

    Hi to all. I have put together a 4 cell Ni-ion 3.7 trustfire batterie pack for my tricopter as per the Geek Guy. Showing all cells good etc. But when I connect to my tri I get no power. I get a correct 4 cell read out via my Turnigy Qanum Telem but that's it. Do I need to change my power output...
  14. T

    Battery Help!!!

    Hello memebers of the Flite Test community, I have been watching the beginners series and I want to start flying. I think I am going the go the scratch build way. I've seen the pack from Lazer Toys website and wondered what charger I should use for those batteries. This is...
  15. knife-edge

    Swapable's Batteries

    I have recently decided to start building the swapables with the beef setup. I have the esc, motor, servos, and everything else but the battery. After looking at both the spitfire and baby blender build pages, I notice that the recommended battery is a 1300mah 4s, however when looking at the...
  16. F

    watch your batteries!

    Well Wednesday 6-5-2013 was going good until around 3:30 ...I had just got done flying my r/c airplane , pulled in my driveway and put my battery from my plane on a charger that runs off the car battery, closed up the back hatch went inside got on the computer, when all the sudden i hear ppl...
  17. E

    2 Straight up questions - What charger do you use and how do you store your batteries

    What charger do you use make and model? How do you store your batteries when charging and when not in use? :)
  18. L

    Batteries. The In's and Outs!

    Hey Guys, New to the forum, but have been a long time Flitetest viewer. Ive recently got into the hobby and am itching to learn! One of the things I am REALLY wanting to understand is Batteries... What do all the numbers and varieties mean... Anyone willing to explain it to me...
  19. Webcrowd

    Advice and info for a Noob required please

    HI everyone, I was wanting to get some information on Lipo and charge levels please. I am a total noob to the electric side of things, and only just returning to the hobby after 20 years absence. So if any one would care to share their wisdom, that would be much appreciated. I have been trolling...
  20. T

    Understanding Batteries 101

    Complete Guide to Lithium Polymer Batteries and LiPo Failure Reports After seeing the many many posts on LiPoly's and answering similar questions time after time I've decided to put up a guide for using LiPoly batteries. Lithium batteries are the preferred power sources for most electric...