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watch your batteries!

Well Wednesday 6-5-2013 20130605_160423.gif 20130605_160432.gif 20130605_160437.gif 20130605_160448.gif was going good until around 3:30 ...I had just got done flying my r/c airplane , pulled in my driveway and put my battery from my plane on a charger that runs off the car battery, closed up the back hatch went inside got on the computer, when all the sudden i hear ppl yelling FIRE!! FIRE!! i run out to see my car with 5 foot flames coming out the windows i run in the house and grab a fire extinguisher, and hit it with all it had , by then you could hear the firetruck cumming they smashed the windows and put it out quick! ...the first pic is the whole car with broken windows , second is, the front seat, 3rd is , back seat, and 4th is were i had all my r/c gear and were it started.


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oh i feel really sorry for you dude..

but i have to thx you because i just toke de decision after see your pics to go buy some safety bag special Lipo..

Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
Two interesting things in the pictures: first the seat fabric burned so quickly that the foam looks untouched. Second, that T-6 in the first pic isn't completely melted. Is Chinese plastic fire-proof?


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Sorry about your stuff, really scary to see!

On the upside, no children died and we all got a valuable reminder. Good luck x 3.


Your post got me to thinking about using an ammo box to charge batteries within. Anyone know what temp LiPos burn at? I'm wondering if I should line it with insulating material.
New fresh from the factory!

No label on these cans. Blank on both sides.

Military 50cal all steel ammo cans.
Watertight, airtight
Hinged lid
Top carrying handle
Tight latch

OD green in color.
L 11.5" X w 6" X h 7"

Best of luck, man. I was just searching for ammo boxes myself. Plenty out there to be had. What size did you get?