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New member & never flown (yet)


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Hi everyone / anyone,
My names Charley and I'm from Portland (UK). I have always dreamt of flying and went up in a glider a few times but couldn't afford to make a hobby out of it, a few years ago I stumbled across RC Planes with an FPV camera & goggles and it looked like the answer to my dreams.

I've just built a Bixler 2 with a quanum V2 goggles and FPV bundle (all on a tight budget unfortunately) but am waiting for good weather before my first flight so very nervous.

I have been watching so many videos online (mainly Flight Test) to try and learn how it all goes together before I took the plunge (made some mistakes already of course!) and other than a meet and greet on here I was looking for the occasional advise to prevent me making any more (like cutting both wires of a battery... Doh!)

So at the moment I have my FPV transmitter and camera that I want to mount, only when I hold it, it gets hot to the touch so I don't know how I can attach it to the Bixler canopy... Any ideas anyone?

Thanks for reading,
Charley. image.jpeg


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Hey Man, welcome!
I run a similar setup with the bix, I have found that it is okay for the TX touch the foam. Just use some good tape or rubber bands.
Thanks Buddy!
Really good to know, and will give that a shot then :)

Can I ask how and where you mounted your camera? Was thinking in the canopy but has a long nose and can only think of hot glueing the camera down. - worried it's going to fall of if I don't glue it on, probably being silly?
I usually just tape my cam to the top of the nose (in front of the canopy) or glue it on like you said.
I think the hot glue is a good idea, just make sure that the cam is in the right orientation and that no glue got into the plugs for the camera. Other than that, the Bixler gives a lot of flexibility when doing this.
Let me know how it works!


The Geeky Pilot
You learn how to fly LOS yet? I would suggest learning that before FPV. If your fpv cam goes out you need to know how to fly and land your airplane.