1. M

    Bixler 2 Wing Configuration (Assembly)

    In the many threads I have been reading and checking out over the last few weeks, it seems that the original Bixler glider did have some issues with the wings separating, even to the point where some installed them permanently. Looking specifically at the Bixler second generation, I noticed a...
  2. BridgeInspector

    Bixler visits MesaRC FF

    Josh B. visits MesaRC. They have an awesome program that Josh checks out and then flys one of their sctatch builds. Looks like it may be a future FT episode in the works.
  3. S

    Bicker 2 with fatshark Fpv first flight

    Hey Guy's, Wanted to share my first flight with my bicker 2 airplane with fatshark fpv installed. I was able to fly 25 minutes with this setup. It was a little windy but the bixler flew awesome.
  4. S

    Inspired by Alex - Acrobatic Air 2 Air FPV with QAV250 and Bixler

    So I have been loving some of the moves Alex has been pulling off in his air to air footage! I had some fun yesterday pulling off similar moves with my QAV250 and a newbie FPV pilot on the Bixler. Got a couple flips and hesitation roll in there with the Bix in sight, we even pulled off a semi...
  5. K

    Radian Pro or Bixler or Flyzone Calypso or other?

    Hi guys! I'm looking to get a new plane, I've had/got 2 FT old speedsters and 2 FT Mustangs which have been awesome apart from my lack of skill with the mustang, have been awesome. I've also had some stick time on my friends Bixler 2, not much though. I'm kind of looking to get into the powered...
  6. R

    Complete RTF Bixler FPV Setup

    I've got the urge to build a new airplane and have decided to sell my trusty Bixler. It's a ready-to-go FPV setup, and all that's needed to get flying is a viewing screen and a 3S 2200mah pack. This has been my only FPV plane for a few years, and it's a reliable setup with good performance. It...
  7. Andre

    Bixler FPV

    It has been too long. I'm going FPV flying on Sunday. The field has been super busy this year. Way to crowded for me to really put her up and soar. Specially when I need a spotter around. So this weekend things should be quieter and I'm hoping to put the gear through its paces. Last time I...
  8. I

    Bixler 3 almost completely confirmed...

    I can't be the only one who noticed this... I'm pumped regardless!
  9. C

    Tek Sumo or Mini Skywalker as a first FPV platform.

    Hi there. I am planning to get started in FPV with a 5.8ghz system, and am unsure what airframe to use. I have experience flying LOS with a Bixler (which is no more) and a Phoenix 2000, and I also have experience with Flight Simulators (FSX, FS2002). I have been considering using the Pheonix for...
  10. spencertrejo

    Proper FPV scratchbuild

    Ok, so i have yet to see a proper FPV plane designed specifically for FPV. I'd like it to fit the following critieria: 1 - Foamboard build of course 2 - NOT Swappable - needs to be pusher and the swappable fuse would just get in the way. 3 - single tail - no twin boom 4 - Landing gear would be...
  11. D

    TED talk on Drone use in conservation

    The Bixler is also shown as a possible for the application.
  12. Q

    Bixler 1 vs Bixler 2 for a Newbie in Aus :)

    Heyas, So I have been looking at possibly getting into UAVs currently I am just looking at planes and learning to fly a RC plane. (Which since looking at them I have become more interested in just R/C but still plan to fiddle with UAVs) So keeping in mind I am learning to fly still which would...
  13. X

    FPV - Full setup for a noob?

    Heya FliteTest community! I have been pondering for ages about getting FPV but never really tried it myself. So it led me to ask the wounderful community in-which is you for guidance! Basically i have there about £200 - $300 to spend on a FULL setup, including FPV gear and a plane without...
  14. N

    Disney Bixlar, i mean, Pixar Planes Movie

    Hi, * This is my first post, and it is for one simple reason ... * What should I name this model? * While hopefully raise money to equip it for FPV, I decided to fix my Skysurfer aka Bixler, but give him an appearance as they used in the next Disney movie Planes... * So, someone help me? * I'll...
  15. C

    VTOL Bixler

    Check out what these guys put together. This would be a very cool build for the show. and another
  16. D

    Beginner FPV Pilot Takes Bixler to the Beach

    Howdy. First post here, second FPV flight. Hope you enjoy it!
  17. R

    Rc sky surfer crash with video

    Hi everyone Just wanted to share my story of a little crash I was flying my sky surfer(bixler) pretty low about 3 metres off the ground (9 feet) and because it was one of my first flights so i was constantly pulling up then pushing down then pulling up and so on Then i accidentaly throttled back...
  18. R

    Tips on hand catching planes?

    I own a sky surfer and have been trying to hand catch in but all in vain. Right now i try to slow it for landing and have it glide on zero power to me but most of the time it flies past me or is a little too fast.does anyone now a better way? If you have ever successfully hand caught a plane...
  19. R

    How to hold bixler/sky surfer wings together?

    I own a sky surfer and after a few flights the wings become loose and i dont want to glue them as then it would not fit in my does anybody know some options of a removable wind design? Please also post any pictures if possible. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  20. Y

    Bixler SBS

    this is what happens when you have few hours to kill