Lancaster bomber


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I am pretty new to this hobby and have been flying a trainer for just under 6 months now and i came across you fellas on youtube. What i have been looking for is a simple build guide of a Lancaster bomber that i can build with my boys. I am not looking for anything advanced. 4-5ch no diff throttle just nice and easy to fly so my boys can have a go at it.

Thanks, Mikey37

P.S. You guys are now my No 1 go to when i need to know anything about the hobby nice 1.:cool:


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Check out the podcast. The latest one was going over some of the new items in the hobby and I believe a Lancaster was mentioned....


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Thanks everyone i will definitely try the B25 then maybe try a scratch build lancaster. I have just finished my first scratch build on a cessna and will post the video on youtube soon.

Once again thanks all.