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Naza-M as a 2-axis gimbal control?


Junior Member
Hi guys! First of all, sorry for my english, i'm really trying to learn it. So, i whant to build a 2-axis gimbal for GoPro3 on servos. Naza M will be a control for it. Gimbal kind'a like that:http://www.rcdude.com/servlet/the-2514/QUADframe-GoPro-2-dsh-Axis-Gimbal/Detail But, my buddy said that this setup is working pretty bad: not stable, glitching an so on. Last my 1-axis gimbal for Nex-5 on Naza worked well, that why i don't sure about buddy words. I know, that aluminium brushless gimbal with separate controller much better, but it's weight is to much for me. Please, tell me, is Naza with servos gimbal is really bad? Or quality is acceptable for software stabilisation in After effect, for example?