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  1. CarolineTyler

    Lidl Foamy to bank and yank RC

    Last week I popped one of the Lidi XL_Gliders in the shopping basket for £7.99. So far... Carbon fibre spar in fuselage Wing flattened Carbon fibre spar in the wing Front chopped and a the cockpit hollowed out Front bulkhead printed for motor - 2206 2200kv Ailerons cut out, bevelled and attached...
  2. L

    FT flyer conversion.

    Hi all, I was thinking of fitting a FT flyer to a mini power pod. What percent should I print the plans at? Thanks!
  3. T

    Chuck Glider Conversion

    I think it would be cool to convert one of those cheap dollar store chuck gliders into a model airplane.
  4. R

    Electrify a Hanger-9 Alpha 60

    Hello, I am coming back into the hobby after many, many years (I used PC flight simulators to get my fix), and recently a friend gave me a third-hand alpha 60 (w/o electronics or engine). I wish to make this electric. After watching many excellent flighttest vid's I learned I need to start with...
  5. D

    Gas to Electric Equivalent

    Hi Folks! Long time FliteTest fan, first time poster. I'm doing my first build! Yay! I've always wanted to build a nice balsa plane. I hope I haven't jumped in at the deep end. This is the plane I'm building. I should be fine on the actual construction part, but I'm struggling with the power...
  6. F

    Motor Mounting!

    Hey Guys, Before I start, this isn't really a scratch build but it's the only place I could think of to post this. So I picked up this little hand launch glider from my local hobby store when I was bored, and got the idea of converting it into a powered glider/plane. I have 2 Turnigy Park 300...
  7. E

    Show Suggestion: Electric conversion of a nitro plane

    Simple conversion of a nitro plane to electric And to make it a good fit for your current sponsors...use a Horizon Hobby airframe with Hobby King electronics. An electric conversion of a plane that is already outfitted with a nitro motore, or was only designed to be fit with a nitro motor...