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Motor Mounting!

Hey Guys,

Before I start, this isn't really a scratch build but it's the only place I could think of to post this.

So I picked up this little hand launch glider from my local hobby store when I was bored, and got the idea of converting it into a powered glider/plane. I have 2 Turnigy Park 300 1380kv left over (was for an anycopter, 2 motors came broken tho -_-) and also some hxt900s, so I thought why the hell not!

I will cut a little slot in the top to put the battery in and will probably just have the electronics hanging out on the outside, probably cut with their own little slots.

However, I thought about the problem of motor mounting. This is where you guys come in (however you guys can come in about anything of course :D). I need some expert/creative advice about how to mount the motor. I thought about making some weird wooden thingy that would just glue to the plane but I was worried about how that would hold up. The only kind-of-solid idea I have at the moment is using zipties kind of like how I used with the other contraption pictured below.

This is my first kind-of-scratch-build, I haven't been able to get into proper scratch building because of Australia's hideous foam board prices (about $10 a sheet D:<). So yea any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you!



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these motors?


lop off the nose at about the diameter of the motor (+ X-mount if you've got that) and make a matching firewall -- get a piece of thin hobby plywood (~3mm or so), use the nose to trace the shape and cut it out.

-If you've got the X-mount, mount it to the motor, cut a relief for the motor shaft in the firewall and fuse, glue the firewall to the plane (I'd use gorilla glue) and screw the X-mount into the firewall. **use the Prop saver on the spinning end of the motor**

- if you don't . . . that makes servicing the motor tricky . . . I'd take two strips of Extreme Packing Tape or Duct tape, and put the center of each strip on the firewall, laid out in an "X". I'd then mount the motor directly to the firewall (you'll have to pre-cut screwholes and motor shaft relief). then, the firewall is taped to the nose using the legs of the X, followed by a wrap of the tape around the fuse and strips to hold everything tight. As much as I want to recommend it, don't glue the firewall on -- otherwise you'll have to break it off and clean up the glue to remove the motor later in case you need to. The tape will have to be pre-flight checked before every flight, but should hold it together under 85W.
Hey, thanks for the reply!

(Yes that's the motor :))

I was thinking of doing something like this, I just wasnt sure how well the motor would stay on but I shall give it a go! I will have to do it the weekend after next though because I'm in the middle of exams D:. Thank you for the helps!