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Time is up, it has been 2019 for five minutes now. You have had 169 days since Flite Fest OH 2018.

We need dates for FFOH'19
and we need them now. ;;--))

We have to give the dates of FFOH '19 to friends, family, co-workers and bosses and tell them to rearrange their wedding plans, anniversaries, birthdays, funerals, work projects and vacations so we can, at the prescribed time, on the prescribed dates, be. at. THE Furey Field!

We have;
vacation days to request off,
Rooms to rent,
Visa's to get processed,
Plane tickets to buy,
R.V.'s to rent,
Parts to buy,
Planes to build,
all that takes time and we need to know how much time we have to procrastinate. And we are just really really excited for FF 2019!!!

All kidding aside,
You guys put a lot of hard work into Flite Fest and it shows, thank you for all you do for RC flight and this beautiful Flite Test community.

Flite Fest is the single event I look forward to in the flying year and I cant wait to fly at THE Furey Field and also volunteer again. This FFOH'19 will be my 3rd. Flite Fest and 3rd. Year volunteering. I highly recommend, donning an orange volunteer shirt.

It might be muddy, it might be hot, it might be dusty, It Will Be, Like No Other RC flight experience you have ever had.

If you are reading this and you are new to the Flite Test community and have never yet been to a Flite Fest event it would be a disservice to yourself to not attend.

See you there,

Flite Risk
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I've said for many years, I don't really have a bucket list. I've been so many places and done so much, I really don't need one. FliteFest? Yeah. That has become the single entry on my bucket list. One day. One year. Gonna make that sabbatical to a frackin' flying field in the middle of the U.S. and destroy other RC aircraft with my own. I am honestly in complete envy of any and everyone who can do that this year. *sigh*


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One day. One year. Gonna make that sabbatical
To all the noobs, FF is the place where you will learn so much. If it’s at all possible, you need to come.

The forums are great BUT when you can’t see it you’re at a disadvantage. Diagnosing a problem is significantly easier when you can see it. Videos are good, in person is far better. Someone will be able to look at your problem and instantly solve it.

I’ve been building airplanes for over 20 years. I always learn something at FF, a new building idea or technique.

If you think the people on the forums are helpful, just wait until you get to meet them in person.
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So I have noticed what I think is a pattern, my memory is bad sometimes and I did not take time to research past event dates but what I think I noticed is, (FFE(if you are old school)) or FFOH is at or about the week before Oshkosh. If my observation is correct, based on Oshkosh being July 22-28 of that means FFE/FFOH should be between July 4th to July 21st. Now I dont really think the powers that be would schedule FF to start on or even near the fourth of July. Add a week to breakdown FF, get ready for Oshkosh so the 11th - 14th is where I will put my money for FFE '19 this year.
Does anyone else have any other side bets/wagers, or other reasonably deduced dates or speculations?


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Does anyone else have any other side bets/wagers, or other reasonably deduced dates or speculations?
Not really. But they'll want to do it at Edgewater this year, which is still being constructed, and their year-end video also showed some sponsoring opportunities for things that haven't been constructed. I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement date is really close to the event date.


It won’t be at Edgewater this year. Josh has already said that a few places.

I’m still betting on the second week in July.


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No edgewater this year but people will be encouraged to head there and take a peek. Thats what they did last year.

Plan on the second weekend in July as they will not have it on a 4th of july weekend. Too many people have other plans.


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I was talking with FT crew about thingz and it was confirmed FFO is July 11th - 14th during the conversation.

Did they happen to mention if there was a second US fest planned? Knowing you can't probably say exactly where it might be, could you say whether it's within 8-10 hours drive from San Francisco?


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No mate.. im not that well dug into the knowlege pipeline. It was stated more by asking if I was able to go on those dates during general conversation.

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