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  13. B

    Solved Ft_Viggen

    Hello Everyone, I need help for the foam for ft-viggen. I am building an Ft-Viggen and I wanted to know the right thickness for the foam to build the jet! thank you! PLEASE REPLY FAST!! THANKS!
  14. A

    Help! First time RC build: help with parts

    Hello everyone! I am new to building RC planes and I need help with parts. For my first project, i'd like to build a glider with a movable elevator and rudder (no ailerons). What do I need? I have a controller, and I know I need 2 servos/servo horns. What other fancy tech stuff do I need...
  15. shihaocao

    28" Foam Board EDF F86 (Plans Attached)

    Here's my take on a ~28" wingspan Foam Board EDF F86: I'm personally extremely proud of this design, especially the Mk2. To be honest, it's the fastest aircraft I've ever flown and it's probably beyond my skill level to fly. So I decided to share it with you guys, hopefully, some of you will...
  16. ShrimpRex

    Champ repairs

    Photos coming later probably. First, a little intro so you know what's going on: I taught my friend all he knows about flying with my little champ. He then bought one and got into flying that way. Over the years his plane has gotten in worse and worse condition and it has come to a point where...
  17. Pigfarm1403

    The application of elephants toothpaste as weapon for FT combat

    So recently I have finished making a c-130ish style airplane for flite fest. I know by the time that Flite Fest Ohio comes around I will be willing to put it up in combat, the planes name is esCARGO for future reference. For now though I want to test a potential weapon that I could use that is...
  18. BSquared18

    Depron Foam or What? I'm Confused

    Hi, Concerning the three-pack of swappable planes, the Flite-Test store website says, "... all laser-cut from 5mm paper reinforced depron foam." However, I've read at the RCGroups forums ("Where to get Depron now in the U.S.?") that the maker of Depron products is getting out of the modeling...
  19. B

    Foam in Sweden

    Hi, i have never used foam in my life. I wonder where in Sweden you can get cheap foam that works for building model aircraft. If anyone know it would be very nice to know were you could get it. Thank you!
  20. S

    Fist plane for >30 years started (foam wing)

    Hi it's nearly midnight and I have just cut my first foam wing for more that 30 years. New project will look something like this: So far I have just cut the left wing: I will be interested to see how it glides when the parts are cut before adding a motor etc. MH45 with a 57" wingspan by...