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Hi everyone,

I want to build another f-22 raptor since my other one isn't flyable anymore.
I want to build the one from the rcgroup forum(, but I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a rudder.
I like to have a rudder for when I accidentally start to drop a wingtip in a turn or when I'm landing since I'm not a very skilled pilot yet.

The problem is that the parts where the rudders should go are angled.
What would be the best thing to do?
can I straighten those out or something?


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Even the ft-22 has angled vertical stabilizers. Also the profile f-22 FliteTest did years ago had angled verticals. I wouldn't worry about rudder if you are learning to fly. These planes are designed to be elevons or what is known as bank and yank. Just keep up the speed and you will be fine


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I know that as a beginner it might not be the best option to add rudders to the plane, but last time when flying it I really missed rudder on it.
So what would be an option?


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You can add rudders to the plane using one or two servos. If using one, you have to link the two rudders with some kind of stiff linkage such as the pic I have below. Dave from RCPowers recently made a video testing rudders on his Su-34 V4 and talks thoroughly about what he sees, likes, and doesn't like. Dave is a really big foam jet guy so he should know if its worth it or not. As for if rudders will benefit you on that f-22 design, its up to you and experimentation. Either way its fairly easy to mod the plane to have rudder.