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The Longbow, the perfect adittion for your arrow

An Arrow doent make sense if you have no bow. So this thing is a great addition to your arrow, although its flying caracteristics are the complete opposite. Its so slow and gentle that you can chase it by running or fly a few inches low over the ground, but it has enouth power for unlimited vertical. The pusher trainer layout makes it a great belly lander that can even take off on its belly and make curves on the flying field.. It takes batterys from 3s 600 up to 3s 1200 and is great with an FPV tailcam. And all you need is an FT Arrow and one sheet of foam. Its almost like an FT Explorer, but with the Arrow as a wing. Here are a few pictures:

The tail cam that is a great counterweight for big batterys

The tail has one elevator servo. The elevons on the arrow act as flaperons here.

Thats how the inside of the fuse looks: more space for stuff, BBQ skewers for rubberbands and bended foam to reduce drag and noise. Its still very noisy, especially with the two bladed prop.

You also need to do a couple mods to your arrow. I made the center pod bigger to get more space and it gives the plane with the fuse a very nice looking cockpit.
I also added a piece of foam to the bottom to get moe stability and to hold the wing in place. There is also a small hatch for the wires of battery and elevator and I added skewers to the leading and trailng edge so that the rubberbands dont destroy the foam. You also dont need the up elevator on a flying wing in plane mode so the wings cteate more lift and the CG shifts back right to the trailing edge where the firewall sits.

More updates and videos will follow soon. How do you like this addition? Also show me your Arrow mods.
Thank you guys!
Here are two flight videos. You can see that I need the flaperons to take off, otherwise it would stick to the ground.
Yesterday, I made my first FPV flight with this, and it was great. Im using 3s 600, 850 and 1200 mah batterys, with the 600 you get 5min. of flight time with unlimited vertical and so slow speed that you can run faster than the thing flyes. The 850 gives you 6min. and still infinite vertical. On the 1200, you need to fly a little faster and cant go vertical, but you can stretch your flight to a 15 minute FPV exploring tour. I also want to try the 3s 2200.
Yesterday, I crashed it: After an awesome climb, I turned the motor off and made a nice dive, but the glue joint of the elevator servo got loose and I lost my elevator control. It went straight into the ground! But just cosmetic demage in the front. It will be good to go today and there is no demage to the arrow.
Heres some DVR footage from the FPV tailcam.
I fixed everything and the thing is back in the air. In version two, there will be the ability to fly off the water and to add landing gear. I also want to build a low wing fuselage for the arrow to get an amasing jet.
I just made the first flight with the 2200 battery and it still flyes very well. Especially when you consider that its just 75 cm wingspan and an F-pack. And you can still slow it down to under 20 mph. Flight time is up to 20 minutes if you fly slow. And with a smaller battery, you cannot stall it. I still had full control at full up elevato by just using ailerons and throttle.
Wow, its so amazing that this project was featured in the community showcase. Im currently working on version 2, which will include a different arrow center pod and new additions for way more versatility.