ft tiny trainer

  1. BenH

    What swappable plane should I build next?

    I am looking to build a new RC airplane, preferably a Flite Test Swappable plane. I have built both the 4 channel Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer, and the FT Nutball. I feel very comfortable flying both of them, and I’d like to progress to another Swappable plane since I’m limited on electronics. I...
  2. J

    FT Tiny Trainer giant build suggestion

    It is time of the giants! Can you please build and craft and episode based around a GIANT FT Tiny Trainer. I've always loved the look of tiny trainer with the longer wings, it's flight characteristics and the presence it has in the air. So scaled version must be better. It's just math right...
  3. C

    First FT tiny trainer

    Hey guys! I’m currently on my way of making my second rc plane, I decided to go with the tiny trainer (first one was a simple cub but boy was I in over my head with that one!) I was just wondering if I can use a 30a ESC, I don’t know what motor, battery or prop to use so any suggestions will...
  4. R


    Hi One and All, As a highschool teacher in NZ, I am keen to introduce my Year 10 (Grade 9 or10?) students to the world of flight. I am a real "newbie" to the world of RC. At the end of the 2019 calender year, I purchased a bunch of foam board, a Power Pack A kit with Spectrum DXe controller and...
  5. FT Tiny Trainer

    FT Tiny Trainer

    The best trainer plane ever! This plane taught me to fly and I am forever ever greatfull to it. This specific one actually belongs to my son, and the design on it was his call I just did what he asked for.
  6. duckduckgoose

    150% Un-Tiny Trainer Build

    Today I was thinking about what project I should embark on next and I remembered how nice the tiny trainer used to fly, until I butchered it up and performed horrific experiments on it (Tiny Twin Boomer), but also remembered how little room there was for electronics. Still, I managed to fpv it...
  7. D

    Propeller type

    I'm new to airplanes, I found flite test YouTube channel and I've already built 7 airplanes, love building them. I have only flown small helicopters, I bought a radio and receiver, the question I have is I have an old blade sr huey helicopter that I was never able to fly so I removed all...
  8. mayan

    Hobby Newbie Learning Diary; Family Included!

    Hey All, I fell in love with the hobby looking for something to use as a bonding for me and my son. We started through paper planes, moved to balsa wood gliders and now trying RC. You can read more about how we started and the first experience that we had trying to fly for the first time with...
  9. lleemon

    FT Tiny Trainer motor keeps stopping during flight

    I have been flying the FT Tiny Trainer for over a year with no problems. I recently saw the video with the war planes where they did the FPV flying so decided to do the same. I first mounted my Hyperion Mini 600 TVL Camera w/built in 5.8Ghz 25mW VTX to the tail and after about 3 minutes my...
  10. V

    Hi, need help about 1000kv/13T motor

    Hi..... i want to build Flite test planes, but, already i have 1000kv/13T motor and 3s 2200mah 25C Lipo battery, So... using these can i build ft bloody baron or tiny trainer..
  11. D

    First Fixed Wing and First Build: FT Tiny Trainer

    Well, I went ahead and did it. I ordered a FT Tiny Trainer. This will be my first build and fixed wing. I have a Taranis Plus and use it to Fly ZMR 250. I can not wait to get the kit and see how this goes.