I'm new to airplanes, I found flite test YouTube channel and I've already built 7 airplanes, love building them. I have only flown small helicopters, I bought a radio and receiver, the question I have is I have an old blade sr huey helicopter that I was never able to fly so I removed all electronics , esc,servos,and electric motor, the motor is an eflite eflh1516 3900kv, can I put an airplane prop on this motor? It now has a gear with set screw, could someone tell me what adapter if any and prop I should order, I'm trying to put in a ft tiny trainer, thanks


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You could probably get that to work, it would want max of 2s on a plane, either a 5x3 or 6x4 prop. If you buy a plane prop NOT a quad prop they come with prop adaptors for common motor shaft sizes. Your problem with that motor is it doesn’t have a shaft on the rotor. Some motors have a separate shaft that bolts on. The way the FT designs work you will want the rotor on the outside of the power pod and I can’t find any pictures of the rotor side to see how you would attach a shaft. I assume in the Heli the rotors bolt onto the shaft that comes out the base?
If you are making a Tiny Trainer this motor is cheap, robust, light and works great with a 6x4 APC prop. You can run a 2s or 3s battery with that.
I am not a fan of salvaging motors just for the sake of it, this one looks like more effort than it’s worth vs spending $6 on a more suitable one.


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It is possible to use that motor on a plane but I would not recommend it for a beginner. A 3900kv motor will make your plane very fast. You would be better off getting a 1200-1400kv motor. When you get so experience and feel the need for speed, go for it. Even so, you might set up to a 2200-2600 Kv first.

Here is a video on how to size your prop, start small and slowly work higher.