Hi, need help about 1000kv/13T motor


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Hi..... i want to build Flite test planes,
but, already i have 1000kv/13T motor and 3s 2200mah 25C Lipo battery,
So... using these can i build ft bloody baron or tiny trainer..


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A 1000kv motor and 2200mAh lipo will be too large for a tiny trainer. You want to power one of those with a tiny motor like an 1806 2300kv itty bitty screamer and a 1000mAh to 1500mAh lipo of at least 35C spinning a 5" or 6" prop. The tiny trainer is.....tiny. :) You use small, fast, light, cheap components on one.

I would look at a larger slow flyer like the FT Simple Storch for a large, slow motor like a 1000kv.

I am mostly a multi-rotors guy. I know the 1000kv motor and 2200 mAh lipo is too large for the TT (I own one), but later in the day you will get more options presented by more experienced FT fixed wing builders I am sure.

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You could try building a Storch, with flaps, and fit a huge SF propeller to crawl around the sky.