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ft versa wing

  1. B

    FT Versa Wingspan - Questions

    Hi, I hope your safe! 1- Is the FT Versa Wingspan 38 inch per wing or the total for both wings? 2- How do I join all the Tiled scratch plans into one, I am having issues? Does anyone have any photos of the entire A4 papers attached? Thanks!
  2. B

    My FT Versa with the nose job finally gets it's maiden! And the Mini Scout gets off the ground (briefly!)

    A while back I made a video showing how I'd made a 'nose' for a Flight Test Versa, oamboard wing as when the Versa is in pusher configuration it can be difficult to achieve the CoG. Plus I'd added an u/c as I find wings hard to hand launch. Well I finally maidened it the other day. It flew...
  3. FT Versa Wing

    FT Versa Wing

    This was the first paint job that I have ever done on a plane. The plane itself didn't fly at all and I eventually took it apart.
  4. mayan

    Hobby Newbie Learning Diary; Family Included!

    Hey All, I fell in love with the hobby looking for something to use as a bonding for me and my son. We started through paper planes, moved to balsa wood gliders and now trying RC. You can read more about how we started and the first experience that we had trying to fly for the first time with...
  5. foamtest


    Okay so first off a disclaimer... I am trying to use the electronics I currently have to get the maximum possible speed by only changing small things, props, bullet connectors, etc... This had all started from someone at my flying club saying, “I think they (the club) are trying to organize a...
  6. K

    Landing gear for the FT Versa Wing

    I plan to buy a kit for the FT Versa Wing and build the wing in the push configuration. However, I would also like the wing to be able to take off from ground. So which landing gear I should use and how can I install the landing gear onto the wing? Also, in the case of the Blunt Nose Versa...
  7. G

    FT Versa Wing battery question

    Hi everyone, I am almost done building my FT Versa Wing and the battery I am using is a Kinexis 3200mah 3s 30c, and when I cut out the hatch in the front for it and test fit the battery, I found out that the battery sticks out about 3/8th to 4/8th inches and my question is because this is a...
  8. G

    FT Versa Wing motor question

    Hi everyone, I just got an FT Versa Wing to use at Flite Fest and the motor I got for it is a Suppo 2212/6 that weighs 51 grams and my question is if this motor is too heavy to be used in a pusher configuration? Thanks!
  9. G

    FT Versa Wing Prop Question

    Hi everyone, on the Flite Test store it says under the description for the FT Versa Wing, that "Electronic Pack C is to only be used in the swappable tractor configuration. To use these electronics in a pusher configuration, you will need a smaller prop." What I am wondering is what is the size...
  10. G

    FT Versa Wing Battery Question

    Hi everyone, I am looking at an FT Versa Wing as my first scratch build, and I am wondering if an E-flite 3200mAh 3S 11.1V 30C LiPo paired with Flite Test's Power Pack C in a pusher configuration would be too heavy? I am also wondering if covering the entire wing in packing tape would be too...
  11. G

    FT Versa Wing Motor Question

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if the motor from Power Pack C would be too heavy for a pusher setup on the FT Versa Wing? Thanks!
  12. G

    FT Versa Wing electronics question

    Hi everyone, I am looking at getting an FT Versa Wing as my first scratch build, and am wondering what electronics I should get for it that would give me the longest flight time? Thanks!
  13. G

    FT Versa Wing

    Hi everyone, I am looking at getting the FT Versa Wing as my first scratch build, and I was wondering what the flight time is with the All In One Electronics Pack - Option 1 from Altitude Hobbies, and if the All In One Electronics Pack from Altitude Hobbies is the best option for electronics...
  14. sierra_bravo

    pusher prop help.

    Hello, I am going to build a ft versa wing as a pusher but i have a question about my motor and prop. I am going to using a turnigy D2826-10 which is 1400kv motor and I am going to use a 3 cell battery. My prop is a 7x5. My question is if it will be able to have enough power to fly. Thank you in...
  15. K

    CG Problems - FT Versa Wing and Blunt Nose Versa Wing

    Last summer I built a regular FT Versa Wing. I loved. I recently took it apart to used the hardware in a fresh new Blunt Nose Versa Wing. Both Pushers. However, I had problems with the CG on the first one, and I'm having the same problems on the blunt nose. Tail heavy. For the regular Versa...
  16. H

    Flying with the FT versa Wing

    Having fun on a nice day with my Depron FT versa Wing.
  17. andycho

    After 30+times crash I fly an other 39 times, I feel I can touch the sky now!!

    Thanks for guys' advice and encourage.. This help me a lot, and I also record my last fly time. I fly the FT-Versa Wing last saturday from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM in the morning. I can feel the improvement of my flying skill. a little, but fun! so happy~ I feel I can touch the sky now. keep up :)...
  18. F

    Anyone Know What's Happening?

    Just the other day, I took my versa out for it's first flight. As soon as I took off, I noticed without any stick input, It would nose dive straight towards the ground. At first I though this was a nose-heavy issue but when I got back home after crashing it twice, I put the battery on the front...
  19. F

    Prop Testing - NTM Prop Drive 35-36A 1800Kv / 875w from HobbyKing

    After watching the FliteTest episode called "Viewer Request Speed Challenge" I decided I was going to scratchbuild my own "FT Versa Wing" and use the same power plant the guys used on this episode to get into the triple digit speeds of over 100mph. From the episode I know that they used the "NTM...