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Toothpick glider kid
Okay so first off a disclaimer... I am trying to use the electronics I currently have to get the maximum possible speed by only changing small things, props, bullet connectors, etc... This had all started from someone at my flying club saying, “I think they (the club) are trying to organize a challenge to see who can make the fastest airplane, so and so has a radar gun.” I am thinking of either using a slimmed down version of a arrow or a slimmed down and probably heavily modded versa. I have a 2205 red bottom for the arrow and a regular power pack c for the versa. I don’t know much at all about making planes fast, I usually just glue stuff together and if it flies I consider it a success. The ESC’s I have available are the 30amp that came with the power pack C, I might have a random 40amp laying around, and a 80amp red brick Esc from hobbyking. I am going to get some sort of 4s to power the set up, I just need your input to figure out which one to go with for max speed.

I will be posting updates about the build later once it is decided on what is the best to use.
Thanks and I can’t wait to see how this progresses.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
For speed you need the smallest wing span possible and of course the smallest cross-sectional area for the fuselage.

If I was searching for a FT design to turn into a speed demon I would select a Mini Mustang or something similar. The battery would need to be very high "C" and may just have enough capacity for 1 or 2 minutes of flight or perhaps 2 high speed runs.

Depending upon your experience and ability to launch extremely over powered model aircraft you could enven look at clipping the wings on the mini mustang design.

Whilst many will recommend to keep the build and plane light for a high speed run you can use the weight to build up speed in a dive prior to pulling level and completing the timed or measured run.

Just a few thoughts!

Have fun!


Well-known member
Do you have more than 1 red bottom? I'd do the super bee with 2 red bottoms with 5x5x3 props on 4s. With two motors you can reach top speed in a shorter distance. If not, the arrow on 4s with your 30amp esc should do good. I just 3d printed a pod for the arrow that houses the esc on top of the pod allowing room for bigger batteries. I haven't tried it on 4s yet but it's pretty quick on 3s with a red bottom equivalent motor with a 5x4.5x3 prop. Here's a link to the pod I modified to hold bigger esc's. Youd need to go to the original link for the hatch and camera holder tho as I didn't modify those.
If you know anyone who has a 3d printer that is. It's about $50+ to pay a printer service to print it for you. I'd print it for you for $20 plus 5 shipping.


G'day Mate
Hope I'm not too off topic but when I saw the thread title, this video that I watched last night was the first thing that popped into my head.

Back on topic, what ever model you chose it's going to need the least amount of drag as possible, something like a "profile model" (fuselage /wing). Even Hai-Lee's Kmf wings scale down to size would be a good option.


I'll just leave this here ... ;)

But that is of course, if you have two RedBottoms and 6S capable ESCs. If not, then I would definitely recommend a clipped Mustang.

ACTUALLY, while I'm recommending things .... why not a Baby Bugatti?! I flew it at Flite Fest East last year on a tiny MT1806 on 4S and it was FAST. I can only imagine what it could do on a RedBottom ... but you're gonna need a small 4S! :p

Article link: https://www.flitetest.com/articles/fastest-1-foamboard-baby-bugatti

Build thread with plans: https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/baby-bugatti.33181/


Well-known member
.... why not a Baby Bugatti?! /
I can attest to that - I was barely able to see the thing move it was so fast.

The Arrow can take bigger motors and could easily carry your C-pack and 4S 2200mAh if you widen the pod. I have been running mine with an NTM Propdrive 2836 2200kv motor on 6 inch props with 2200mAh 4S - this is almost 700 watts per HK. Its fast for an Arrow but not as fast as the Baby Bugatti. Also, I've watched @Ketchup fly his mini-mustang on 4S at our field and that is also really fast, I would say faster than the Arrow. I think he had to add nose weight because of the limited space in the build to push the battery forward.

So unless you were going to scale the Arrow down to shorten the wingspan and use a thinner wing, I would go with the Mustang or Baby Bugatti.



FT CAD Gremlin
Staff member
+3 on the Super Bee. It is the fastest out of the box Flite Test plane. And if you make it Angry (like @Mid7night) and run a 6S...it's even faster. :cool:


Toothpick glider kid
I think I’ll go with the baby Bugatti with the 30 amp esc on 4s. I technically have 5 red bottom motors but 4 are being used for a quad build. Also I saw some interesting 5in props on the FT store, here is a link, what do you guys think about those?

Prop link


Old and Bold RC PILOT
A year or so ago I built a Rascal Racer from 5mm FB using the plans I found on the FT forum. It was a free gift to the winner of our Christmas Dogfighting event. When outfitted as per the article, (Motor, Esc Etc), is turned out to be so fast that it had no problems passing anything anyone else had in the air. It actually landed faster than my 1/2A racer could fly.

I only mention it because it was a rather strong, fast, and yet simple build. It looked good and could also be considered as a contender for a starting point model for speed development.

Have fun!

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
lol so you are going to just run as much power as possible through the electronics without it catching fire?
i find slow planes really incredible. i find fast cars really incredible. this is kind of a random message. gosh i wish they would bring back email notifications on here. without notifications i forget to come check it.