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ft versa

  1. B

    FT Versa Wingspan - Questions

    Hi, I hope your safe! 1- Is the FT Versa Wingspan 38 inch per wing or the total for both wings? 2- How do I join all the Tiled scratch plans into one, I am having issues? Does anyone have any photos of the entire A4 papers attached? Thanks!
  2. B

    My FT Versa with the nose job finally gets it's maiden! And the Mini Scout gets off the ground (briefly!)

    A while back I made a video showing how I'd made a 'nose' for a Flight Test Versa, oamboard wing as when the Versa is in pusher configuration it can be difficult to achieve the CoG. Plus I'd added an u/c as I find wings hard to hand launch. Well I finally maidened it the other day. It flew...
  3. F

    FT Versa Wing Speed Build Kit

    Sorry if this is a weird question but is the FT Versa Wing Speed Build Kit okay for a beginner like me? I have some electronics from my very first plane that I crashed so I have very limited flight experience with planes and no building experience at all but the electronics are perfect for the...
  4. S

    Best Fpv #22 - Flying Wings, Streamers, Aerobatics, and More!

    Hey guys, here's another video of our group flying. My buddy used his mini quad to record this footage. A big thanks to him for letting me make a video out of it. Hope you guys like it!
  5. S

    Best Fpv #21 - Flying Wings, Fireworks, Mid Air Collisions, and More!

    Hey guys, here's another video of our group flights. A couple of mid air collisions, my camera did not record the crash at the end of the video. I only have my buddy's perspective on his FT Storch. Hope you guys like it!
  6. P

    Fried ESC?

    Hey everyone, tl;dr 1. Lost radio signal, plane crashed, servos jittering uncontrollably, ESC very hot. Did my ESC overheat and shut off, taking the Rx with it? 2. Can you recommend any motors that will provide lots of punch for the Versa and Spitfire? Video of servo jitter...
  7. S

    FT Versa Pusher (setup?)

    All: I am a complete noob to the RC plane world and when my son showed me some videos of foam built planes I was hooked and look forward to spending time with him with the hobby. We plan on getting a Mini Slowbipe to learn on but want our second plane to be a FT Versa Pusher. I've already...
  8. sierra_bravo

    FT versa build photos.

    I going to build a FT versa from dollar tree foam and I wanted to post photos.
  9. R

    Help needed with parts for FT Versa Wing

    Hey guys, I am extremely new to the hobby, and looking to build my first rc plane next month! I am currently looking at building the FT Versa wing, and making it the "pusher style". I am really looking for help out rigging this plane with a powerful, yet manageable motor and power system. I...
  10. F

    Building the FT Versa Wing

    I was thinking of building the FT Versa wing as a scratch build. This will be my first scratch build and I don't know how much foam board I will need. I have a couple of pieces of Office Depot foam board, will that work? Also is the Versa Wing a good first scratchbuild? Thanks for all the...
  11. A

    My first flight with FT Versa!

    -------------------- If I did something wrong its becasue 101 thread redirects me to this empty page, so please be gentle about my post :) http://flitetest.com/forum/misc.php?do=showrules -------------------- It was really fun! and here is the video; This is a cut-down version but the...