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  1. C

    The Whack-A-Birdie challenge!

    Hello, my name is Charlie, (Charlie123 is my forum name here, as you can see). I am challenging those who see this challenge, to drop a large number of Badminton birdies from a plane, and then do one or more of the following (pick one or more): (Note): Any of the things below can be partially...
  2. T

    FT22 with Kodak PlayFull camera

    I stuck a camera in my FT22 and flew it around a bit today. It worked better than I thought it would, so I may revisit the project in the future. Of course, the canopy looms too large in the shot, so that'd have to be cut off which would probably detract from the look of the plane, but I...
  3. W

    Longest Flight time

    the competition is to have the longest flight time using a 2200mah 3 cell battery must have proof in video form showing the putting in of the battery(so we know you don't put another batteries in) and no gliders or planes i say looks like one(but if everyone disagrees it gets overruled) Just...
  4. jaskoller

    Release the Kraken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's been some time since we have seen this awesome machine. Please release the Kraken. Plans, build video, tips, and more flying vids. That wing is completely awesome!
  5. T

    Stills and Screencaps

    I know it says vids but most of the time there is only 1.7 seconds of awesome in my 13 minute vids, so I screen cap these moments. If anyone else wants to post there stills please do. They must be awesome or interesting and include an aircraft in shot. Like the following examples. Perhaps...
  6. C

    'Extra' fun!

    After what has seemed like ages, the 2geeks are back! Kyle returns with full throttle (literally) and the Geeks have a blast ripping of the sky (and grass) with Kyle’s Extra 300. Enjoy!
  7. J

    Spring Loaded Launch - Quadcopter

    I had an idea the other day while I was watching a video about the "Sand Flea" -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b4ZZQkcNEo I was thinking about building a spring loaded launch assembly for my Q450 Quadcopter, using a servo and a compression spring, or perhaps some type of piston? The whole idea...
  8. J

    need help finding good cheap project

    hi, I am looking for a good fpv platform scratch build, that will work with a eflite power 15 950kv motor, 11.1v 2100mah 3s battery, and a Thunderbird 54 esc. i am looking for something fun to fly and good for photography and videos for you tube. it has to be able to carry a gopro. also...
  9. A

    spoied for choice

    I am thinking of making a scratch build , i want to make a plane that i can throw at the back of my car go to a small field and fly just for fun , i got a 6 ch transmitter , i have to buy the motor though i can re use a 930kv motor i got on my Cessna , and i can fly up to a nut ball , but id...
  10. SkySlayer

    Fun Combat Times

    Here just post any event were you and a friend did something crazy against each other or with.