1. H

    Futaba T7C transmitter with chargers and extra pieces for sale

    I have a futaba T7C transmitter in metal transport case with other bits I don’t know what they are as I’m selling for a friend. Open to offers as I’m not sure what it’s worth. PayPal or bank transfer. Postage available if paid for. Looking for around 90-100 pound or equivalent will add...
  2. M

    Help! NI-MH wont work

    hi i got an old futaba transmitter with a Ni-Mh battery and it is on 8,4 volts. but when i plug it in to the transmitter it only works for a second and then it turns off. i have tried charging it with 200 Ma, 3 volts for a hour but its still the same. Any idea why, and what can i do.
  3. HandyDanny

    Futaba linked to BNF planes?

    Hello everyone, I quite new to this forum and to the hobby too. I've been flying planes and drones for quite a bit now, but mostly easy to fly ones like the night vapor and piper club. I recently bought a futaba transmitter to use with the bloody wonder I was building and realized that I could...
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    NEW Hitec Servo! HS-488

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    Tech Tip - The Measurement of Torque

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    Tech Tip: Servo Gear Materials

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  10. K

    New to FPV Quads - Have a pretty specific question

    Started with a Vusion FPV racer. Bought a Futaba Tx and a Vortex 250 Pro to improve and embrace the hobby. Planned to build my next one, then I found the TBS Oblivion PNP and I want some recommendations on the Futaba receiver that will best/easiest fit into the drone. Thoughts anyone?
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    5 Servo Essentials

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    Tech Tip: Understanding PWM Signals

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    New Servo to Shaft Couplers

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  14. G

    Redcon FT4x satellite receiver

    I own a DX8 for my blade helicopters. My primary transmitter is a Futaba 14sg. I have telemetry devices for it. My question is, any using the Redcon FT14X satellite receiver for Futaba transmitters? I would like to keep using my Futaba transmitter as I enter quadcopters.
  15. ServoCity

    MASSIVE Sale!

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  16. I

    Newest of Newbs TX question

    Been flying toy grade quads for a few months and recently moved up to a XK X350. Still getting used to it but it's a fun quad. I have been getting more and more interested in fixed wing aircraft and am considering buying a trainer to try out. The X6 transmitter which comes with the XK X350 seems...
  17. J

    Delta mixing for Futaba T6EX radio

    I am building a versa wing, and this is the first time I have used the elevon mix with my Futaba T6EX radio. I read the manual and set it up as it says. The elevator throws are correct, however the aileron throws are opposite. I reversed the aileron servos and now the ailerons work like the...
  18. L

    Cleanflight, Futaba, Naze32 arming issue

    I have a custom quad-x setup. It's setup with a Naze32 acro, Futaba R3008SB RX and Futaba 10J TX. My Naze32 is flashed with the latest stable version of Cleanflight (v1.8.1). So far I haven't successfully been able to arm my quad. I have tried increasing the end points on my TX with no luck and...
  19. K

    frsky dipole antenna mod and range test

    I've seen various threads on the internet about modding 2.4Ghz receivers to get better range. There have also been very scientific findings posted as to what is and isn't happening. Today I set out to see if I could improve the range on my equipment. Here's what I have done. I have been flying...
  20. G

    Spektrum vs. Futaba which is better?

    Hi everyone, in the Flite Test Mid-Air Package Exchange - Viewer Response episode, both David Windestål and Josh Bixler said that Futaba has the most solid 2.4GHz signal compared to Spektrum and all of the other brands, and I was wondering if that is still true?