1. Mr NCT

    Part Landing Gear Attachment Panel 2022-11-21

    This panel is designed to be permanently glued into the wing during assembly and then attach the landing gear once painting and trim are finished. It's supported by the leading edge and the spar on a swappable series size wing. The gear wire is held in place by small (3" or 4") wire ties...
  2. ServoCity

    15% OFF Sitewide!

    Like our mommas always said, “Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." Except this Valentine's Day you can choose what you get! February 13th - 14th it's 15% OFF our entire website when you use the code 'iloverobots'! That means 15% OFF your favorite products...
  3. ServoCity

    $10 Grab Bags Galore

    Chance for a steal of a deal! We're clearing out some of our inventory at a massive discount. Every bag is at least a minimum of a $40 value for a bargain of only $10! Each Grab Bag is completely unique and random (while supplies last)! Below are just a few of the many items your bag could...
  4. ServoCity

    GIANT SALE - 25% Off Servos, 65% Off Extensions & More!

    We're celebrating National Robotics Week with our second largest SALE of the year including FREE SHIPPING on orders $75+ and: 25% Off Hitec Servos 10% - 15% Off Futaba Servos 65% Off Servo Extensions 30% - 60% Off Actobotics[ Not only are we having a massive sale...
  5. ServoCity

    5 Servo Essentials

    Get the most out of your servos with these 5 Essential Servo Attachments!
  6. T

    All Terrian Landing Gear

    Would anyone like an All Terrain Landing gear tutorial for a sharp looking heavy duty set of landing gear. I wouldn't mind doing the tutorial if I get some responses to this post. I have attached a few pictures showing the landing gear design.
  7. StatiK RC

    Super Easy MOVEABLE tricycle landing nose gear

    Have a scratch-build you need to put tricycle landing gear on? Here is a quick and easy solution! If you follow this step by step guide, you will end up with a landing gear setup below: ____________________________________________________ What you need: First, trace your 5-9 gram servo...
  8. F

    Help! FPV equipment purchase

    Hi guys! Greetings from Argentina! I've been watching FT videos for a while until I had the guts to place an order and go for it! Since then, (around 6 months now), I've learned A LOT and I can't stop. Every weekend is just about flying. I already have an Storch, (the most amazing plane I'll...
  9. kacknor

    My Mini Sportster Build Mods

    My Mini-Sportster Build Mods I’m relatively new to RC airplanes compared to many here, Flying just over a year and building about as long. About a dozen or so FT designs so far both scratch and speed build kits, plus a few modified planes based on FT design and one or two started with a...
  10. A

    Dragonfly frame weight / other questions?

    Hello FT crew! Does anyone know the weight of the dragonfly frame? Also what is the spacing of the motor mount holes (standard disk, not tilt mount)? One more question, what is the suggested landing gear setup. (I don't think the supplied gear will work with 2 motors pointing down :) Thanks...
  11. A

    Old Fogey Kit Landing gear wire

    This can't be right. Wire for landing gear in an Old Fogey Speed build kit. Couldn't budge it by hand. I could barely bend this stuff even in a vice, had to use a hammer. Certainly couldn't get accurate dimensions. 0.12" or 3.2mm Any other recent kits include this wire?
  12. L

    Wanted: Names of peoples fave websites that ship FPV Gear to Australia

    I'm new to the hobby and saved up some dosh and need some help on where to buy
  13. T

    T28 to Swappable Pod landing gear conversion

    Pictured above is my idea for landing gear that was derived from a quick modification to some ParkZone T28 gear I had sitting around. (To the left is my beater gear that never actually works) I needed some more robust landing gear than the rubber band and bent wire but I wasn't about to pay $15...
  14. knife-edge

    Ft Spitfire removable landing gear suggestions.

    So I just finished my ft spitfire and I LOVE it. But I want a landing gear that I can easily take on and off. Does anyone have any ideas or any creations of their own that they can share? Thanks, Knife-edge
  15. B

    Landing gear on flying wings

    Hello everyone, Might sound a bit crazy but has anyone thought about or actually made a good set of landing gear for a flying wing? I am quite keen on installing some landing gear or retracts on my Zephyr II or future projects. Hand launching a 2.5kg flying wing isn't too much fun and it'd be...