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  1. S

    Which Goop?

    Hi, Just about to build prototype in expanded polystyrene her in the UK. I keep reading about ‘Goop’ but it is not generally available here but I can get it via eBay. It turns out that.there are lots of varieties: automotive, garden, plumbing etc. Which one do folk use for setting in...
  2. still_frosty

    Building With Coroplast

    Hello Fellow Builders. I've been thinking of building a project with coroplast. I've never worked with it before and I was wondering if any of you have built with it, and if so, what kind of glue did you find to work best? Do you think that PVC cement would work? It would be nice to find a...
  3. kacknor

    Testing HobbyKing Foam and glue...

    I received two boxes of HobbyKing foam board this past week. This morning I'd cleaned off my bench for a new 3D EPP kit build and I got to thinking about the new HK stuff and what glue it might use. This is in no way scientific. Or well planned, thought out, or possibly even effective. But it...
  4. telegraham

    My son gets his arm back

    No more, "Mind holding the glue gun, Alex?" :-)
  5. Q

    Glue vs Tape on Wing Crack

    Plane: Sport Cub S by Horizion Hobby Material: Styrofoam I've very new to the hobby of RC aircraft and I'm not sure whether I should repair a wing crack with glue or tape. I'm pretty sure that tape would be the best option considering the crack is fairly minor, but I want to make sure. I...
  6. R

    What kind of equipment do you use for building?

    I would like to see a Builders Tip show or a webpage showing us what kind and brand of equipment you use in your builds. I finally saw Josh show us the glue gun he was using. But what about a cordless glue gun, glue sticks, foam tape, etc. Other building supplies and tools. Promote the tools and...
  7. Maingear

    C-119 Build Questions

    I have everything cut out and have three question: H-stab and elevator score line near the rounded corners, I assume, is the elevator score line, is the score line near the square corners a fold line to double the LE or cut and move to center of Horizontal stabilizer? Center section spars...
  8. S

    Getting velcro to stick?!

    Any tips on how to get velcro to stick to foam? Best glue? I don't like spending the money on the adhesive velcro so I am looking for a good alternative. I've tried super glue and hot glue and neither seems to work too great, especially for the battery on the bottom of the swappables. Thanks.
  9. Maingear

    Hot Glue - FAQ

    Hot Glue threads: Hot Glue gun help Battery Operated Hot Glue Gun hot glue gun Hot Glue battery powered, hot glue gun.... Recommend A Glue Gun Scratch-build Glue Suggestions? Sweet deal on the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun! best cordless hot glue gun hot glue brittle in the cold Hot...
  10. R

    Scratch-build Glue Suggestions?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be getting into my first scratch build in a week or so, do you guys have any recommendations about glues for Adams ("dollar tree") foam board? I was thinking about using hot glue, but I have two concerns with it. If the hot glue has too low a melting point, it may pull...
  11. G

    Hot glue hinges, reviewed.

    Hello everyone.. So, in my first plane I used the kind of hinges we learnt to do with experimental airlines (I think). They worked nice and did their job, but somehow I did not like the way they affected the look of the plane, nor also the fact you need to trim the edge of the aileron in a 45...
  12. S

    Show Suggestion for beginners

    Hi, I am new to the RC field and is totally confused about the different types of foam available. EPP, Depron, EPO etc. Also, I am not sure on which glue should be used for what. It would be great if you could do a detailed show on "All about foam and glues". I am sure it will be welcomed by...