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I am new to the RC field and is totally confused about the different types of foam available. EPP, Depron, EPO etc. Also, I am not sure on which glue should be used for what.

It would be great if you could do a detailed show on "All about foam and glues". I am sure it will be welcomed by a lot of people out there. It would help me with my current project if you could come up with one fast.:eek:

BTW, I love your shows.



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I don't know alot but here's what I've got:
EPP: bends very easily and usually has a carbon rod in it for strenght. Very durable and very good for beginners.
Depron: depends on the thickness but it bends a little and isn't very good for beginners. Thats what I use.
I use Uhu POR glue and it glues depron very well. Hot glue is also good but you need to be VERY carefull because it melts foam very fast.


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Test glue on a small area on your foam. Remember to wait for at least 24 hours before concluding it's safe.


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I was using hot glue on my foam. It was working great all the way through but...I checked today and at this ONE spot, there was a giant crater.


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Thanks guys for the replies. It would be great if someone could show some pics of the different foams in use. Am I right if I say that UHU Por is good glue to have for all types of foam building?


the advantage of uhu-por is that it does not create brittle glue joints like ca does but stays somewhat flexible but nevertheless bonds pretty hard. but it is not suitable for every situation. if you want to glue control horns to the control surfaces for example i would rather use foam safe CA or epoxy because you will need rigid glue joints there to minimize backlash in your controls...


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Thanks Snoggle. I will use Foamsafe CA for control horns. What about the fuselage? UHU Por will be suitable?


i glue almost every larger fuselage parts on my foam planes with uhu-por. the flexibility of the glue joints helps to prevent breaking the foam during a crash... at least to some extend.