Hobbyzone EPP Fix


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So let's say you just watched your fair share of flitetest videos. You get the urge to fly, you buy a nice inexpensive trainer plane, and you fly. Or to be more accurate, you fall.

That is the worst feeling in the world. I know because my older brother was having his 6th flight on my Hobbyzone Mini Super Cub, and he felt horrible. Now, the problem is the weakness of the foam near to the tail, but since it's EPP, the right glue is important.

While you are having momentary breaks between rocking yourself gently forwards and backwards and crying over your beautiful plane you may decide, I'm a man (or woman). I can do this. You go to your shed (if you're a man you have a shed) and pick up a 20 year old bottle of some kind of glue. You squirt it all over and squeeze the plane back together. Then, horror, the foam melts.

This is obviously worse. Always use the right type of glue. Normal CA glue does bad things to planes. You should calm down, and assess the damage, where it broke is important, should you attempted to glue, or get spare parts? Should you use tape as well?

The best glues are low temp hot glue, foam safe CA, and UHU Por. If the break is somewhere that receives a lot of stress, tape is good as well. Use either meshed packing tape, or even standard clear packing tape.
Before you tape and glue though, check your CRAP!

If this all works, then you should be back up in the air in no time.
Anyone who wants help, please ask, and other members, please give feedback on my style of presenting.
Also notice I didn't even have to say the C-word, Cr*sh.