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Solved Landing gear and paint questions...

First question... what is the scale of the mighty mini corsair? Trying to get the scale so I can get the right size landing gear.

Second question...
What primer and paint would I use?

Third question:
If I want four cell power, which power pack would I buy?
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First question. The wingspan of the Corsair is 41.0’ or 12496.8 mm. Divide that by the wingspan of the Mini Corsair at 737 mm. So 12496.8 mm/737 mm = 16.95/1. Call it 17:1 scale. Second question. Flite Test has several videos about painting foam board. Third question. The 850 mAH 11.1 pack on the Flite Test Store weighs 76g. The 850mAH 14.8 pack weighs 103g. About an ounce difference. Buy a four cell that weighs about the same as the three cell that they recommend. That might help you avoid balancing problems. Hope this helps. More resources for foam board R/C modelers on my blog: https://foamboardflyers.com