motor and prop

  1. S

    Newbie - Power Pack B Motor/Prop question - Simple Scout

    I'm just about to build a Simple Scout using the quick build kit but want to source my own motor, prop, ESC, servos etc. I love that Flite Test publish free plans as well as kits for those of us that are new to fixed-wing (I've been flying quadcopters for a while). Can anyone point me in the...
  2. A

    Help! Motor issues

    Hello everyone! I've been watching flite test and have been a fan for almost a year now, I would say. I've learned a ton from them, and was recently inspired enough to buy a power pack (c) and a TX/RX pair. Now, I've been trying for the last few days to get the main rotary motor to spin, but I...
  3. EraJomppa

    Help! Back to scratchbuilding

    Haven't really touched my RC stuff for a long while. But now I feel like flying again, and even more so I feel like building again! I thought I'd ask for ideas before I start hacking. Digging through my pile of stuff I found a few motors that I might use: I got my G60 500kv motor from the...
  4. Q

    Help! FT Spitfire Motor/Prop Selection

    I recently purchased the FT Spitfire speed build kit, and I was wondering what the proper motor and propeller combo would be. I already have an E-Flite Park 480 (910kv), so if I could use that, that would be great. On their store page, it says to use a 10 x 4.7 prop slow fly. What would be the...
  5. hitjim

    Help! Dumas 302 30" Gee Bee E Power Pack Selection

    Hey folks! I'm planning a RC conversion of a 30" Gee Bee Model E by Dumas. It's been done before but with some out-of-date HobbyKing gear. I figured I'd try a Power Pack A...
  6. berkeozkir

    Help with Motor Selection

    Hello! I am new to the hobby! I was trying to find the best motor possible for both Pack B and Pack C compatible models. I have 20A ESC which seems to work with the motor below and 3S 2000mah, 4S 2000mah lipos; Would this motor be ok to use in Edge540, Explorer, and SimpleCub...
  7. A

    Motor stuttering

    Hello, I recently bought a speed build kit for the mighty mini, tiny trainer, along with the power pack a. I built the plane just fine and I have all of the servos hooked up correct but the main motor seems to be having an issue. When the prop is not on the motor, the motor spins fine mostly but...
  8. A

    Help! Quad Copter motor and prop

    So, I'm building my own drone and I'm thinking of using a 4S battery on a 1.5 pound or 700 grams drone. I was going to use a 3S, but it's very hard to find testing on the motors that I am trying to get. So around what kV motor should I be looking for? I've been looking at the Mini Quad Test...
  9. A

    Help! Help with motor and propellors

    I will have a weight of around 1.5 pounds on my drone and want to know what motor with prop combination will get me the most efficiency with a 5500mAh 3c battery. I am new at this but am building a quadcopter that needs to be able to go around 1.5 miles or 2400 meters. I was thinking about 8"...
  10. L

    Horrible motor noise?

    I recently got into the hobby and built my first plane. It is a foam pusher with a carbon fiber arrow for a tail boom. The thing flies pretty well, however the motor is a little concerning. The motor does not respond at all until the throttle stick is about 1/3-1/2 of the way up, but then...
  11. S

    FT-22 motor and prop help

    I built my FT-22 but I am confused on how should the prop and motor be and which way should rotate I need help . I have a pusher prop . Should the letter side of the prop faces the front or back of the plane? Should the motor rotate cw or ccw when I am looking to in from the back?