Help! Help with motor and propellors


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I will have a weight of around 1.5 pounds on my drone and want to know what motor with prop combination will get me the most efficiency with a 5500mAh 3c battery. I am new at this but am building a quadcopter that needs to be able to go around 1.5 miles or 2400 meters. I was thinking about 8" props with around 1600Kv. Help, please?


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Just a reminder that flying beyond line of sight and above 400ft is illegal in most countries.
Most quads use higher voltages than 3s, also they are not very efficient compared to fixedwing craft, so you are not going to get super long flight times. A battery that big won’t help as it’s added weight means more lift is required to carry it, so you need bigger motors, using more power which drains the battery quickly.
A typical 5” quad can produce 3-5kg of thrust and weighs around 500g, with a flight time of 4-6mins on a 1500mah 4s.
If this is about that quad competition people have given you lots of solid advice in your other thread.


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3s is fine. I got over 10 minute flights on my versacopter with 3s 2200mah 25c batteries with 6x4.5 bi blade props regularly.

I think his plan is a controlled decent to the target area so its not like he will be pulling much over 25 amps total I would think.


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Yeah, I only realised it was the same question on another thread after I had typed most of the reply. I guess in the old days of 2015 lots of people used 3s.