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FT P-40 Warhawk

Designed By: Andres Lu
Plans By: Dan Sponholz

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The FT P40 is a Flite Test take on a classic design. Simple build techniques allow this plane to be folded together in hours and result in a flight experience that an intermediate to advanced pilot will enjoy. Add the optional bent landing gear and the P40 handles just as good on the ground as it does in the air!

Speed Build Kit:
FT P-40 Warhawk Speed Build Kit

Power Pack Compatibility:
Power Pack C

Center of Gravity:
Control Surface Throws:
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Latest reviews

This is my favorite plane so far! It flies great, I would say it would be a great second plane. It can be docile, but you can also have some serious fun with it.
This is my second build after the Master Series Corsair. I was hesitant to build it as it has a very boxy look. However this is an easier build and flies like a dream. It looks great painted in a camo scheme, then add a tiger face decal to makes it look awesome. It is easy to build, fly, and land. I just started working on a second that I will try to add retracts. Overall a lot of fun to fly and when painted up, will start a buzz at the field.
Easy build