1. T

    ESCs and LiPo Battery for Martian II(220mm) with EMAX RS2205 2300kv BLDC

    Hey guys! I have a Martian II 220mm frame, EMAX RS2205 2300kv BLDCs and a Pixhawk PX4 2.4.7. The estimated weight of my drone would be approx 850gms. I will be using the drone for indoor videos and/ or target tracking. I am having trouble zeroing in on the correct ratings for the LiPo battery...
  2. A

    Help! Quadcopter receiver to flight controller set up

    Hey, So I'm planning to use a FrSky R9 slim receiver with the mRo pixahawk flight controller. I'm having trouble putting it all together, I'm not planning to use any telemetry radio through it, but connecting the SBUS to it is very confusing. I'm assuming VCC, S.bus out, and ground connect to...
  3. Stefs Engineering

    Autonomous paramotor for aerial filming

    Autonomous paramotor (Opale Hybrid 5.2) Ey guys! This is my first real post (besides the "mandatory" introduction post) and am excited to share my new project! So I bought a wing from Opale almost 3 years ago, planning to build a cool camera platform but unfortunately I did not find the time...
  4. Raptortech

    560 CF Quad Delivering Insomnia Cookies @ Brown

    A friend and I made this video last semester. What do ya'll think? Any gripper suggestions? It's a tarot-inonman frame (with 3d printed legs and gripper) sporting a pixhawk and a raspberry pi + LTE module.
  5. Snarls

    Battling the Jello Monster (Quantitative Vibration Analysis)

    In my ever-present battle against the infamous jello monster I've decided to drop the guess-and-check approach for a more quantitative analysis of my enemy. My quest against vibrations stems way back to my first multirotor, and has haunted me up to this point. Miniquads with an action cam have...
  6. M

    Yet Another Newbie here ranting about Ardupilot apm and Pixhawk configurations.

    Hello everyone, I am Michael Cote', very new to the hobby of RC everything... trying to build the FT H Quad. I am having some trouble understanding the ardupilot and what it all comes with. can anyone tell me what ardupilot apm 2.8 comes with? What each Peripheral does? what is the basic...
  7. R

    Should a newbie buy a pixhawk?

    Hi everyone. I've got a electrohub in spider mode with a KK2 FC, and a arris 2 axis gimbal controlled by a stom32 (3 axis controller). I know nothing about aerial photography, but am really keen to go down that route. Running the stock RTFquads t2212-980Kv motors, and f-20A ESCs. I've been...
  8. Snarls

    Panorama and Map Stitching Software for AP Use

    Hey all, I'm ready to do some panoramas and mapping with my Arducopter equipped TBS Discovery. I am wondering if anyone has experience with the processing side of things. What is a good free program I can use to stitch together all the photos off my camera into a nice panorama? I'd rather not...
  9. O

    multiple bomb drop mechanism with 4 different servos

    Hi everyone I have to build a drop mechanism which will be operated by 4 different servos individually. I would like to operate these servos alternately by using one aux switch on my turnigy 9x. Is there a possible way to operate 4 servos one by one from a single switch? By the way I am going to...
  10. N

    Sonar over water

    Hi everyone, I added and Maxtronic I2C sonar module to the Pixhawk on the Discovery pro so that I can do terrain following in Altitude hold mode and it works very well. I was wondering if anyone has tried sonar and then have tried it over water? I would imagine that flowing water would be...
  11. N

    Custom heavy lift AP Quad

    I have made a quite a few flying machines over the past 3 years but this one is the most custom yet as I have taken apart my 680 sized hex and am converting it into Quad or if needed a co-axial octa. This is going to be used to lift a GHT 3 axis gimbal and a NEX size camera (specifically an...
  12. Raptortech

    PPM, CPPM, S.Bus???? R620X problem with Pixhawk...

    So I have an R620X receiver. I bought it, bound it, and tested it with a servo. All good. Then, I went to connect it to my Pixhawk, and got nothing. The R620X is advertised and a CPPM receiver, which should work just fine with the Pixhawk, but I got nothing. Just to be sure it wasn't me being...
  13. kickapuppy

    EMAX ESC compatibility with Pixhawk.

    I have been working on a tricopter using the FliteTest power pack. I have gotten to the point of testing the motors on the flight controller and cannot get the EMAX ESCs to initialize. I have made sure the arm button is solid, calibrated the Tx, double checked that the FMU is arming, it is in...
  14. P

    Long Range HD FPV + Telemetry 15+ Mile Range

    About this project The Long Range Telemetry + HD Video/Audio is a portable device that allows you to use your tablet, smartphone (yes even iOS), or laptop as a ground station for your APM and Pixhawk powered vehicles. The system makes the connection between your tablet/smartphone, your ground...
  15. P

    Pixhawk/Carbon Z Cub Flown in FWBA with Dual-Joystick w/Pan & Tilt Mobius

    Here is my Carbon Z Cub being flown in FWBA mode with a Pixhawk flight control board using Saitek x52 joystick with flight, mission, and pan/tilt controls mapped to the joystick :) Enjoy as much as I did!
  16. S


    Help! Working on a MAC computer with AP 2.015. Have the Pixhawk system with GPS and a Spektrum DX8 radio. Can't get the Accelerometers to calibrate to save my life. Fails every time. Must be something simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. Can anyone make some suggestions. Thanks, Drew
  17. C

    Planning Bat Bone Tricopter Build - Electronics Design

    I'm planning a Bat Bone Tricopter build and wanted to see what you think about my electronics design. I am using the PixHawk flight control because it fits in some other plans I have for this tricopter and potentially another multicopter. I have found precious little quality pinouts and drawings...
  18. R

    Pixhawk from 3D Robotics

    I just got a Pixhawk flight controller from 3D Robotics. I have been reading all the information on it for days. There is a lot to know. Does anybody have a Pixhawk? If so can you share any tips you might have? Thanks.:D
  19. T

    Ongoing now: MyGeekshow flight accross the US from California to South Carolina

    Trent of MyGeekshow.com is flying an RC wing across the US from coast to coast right now! His team of four people follow the Pixhawk based flying wing in an RV and control it via Mission Planner and/or FPV:s it During the first 24 hrs Trent has posted three updates on YouTube and streamed...
  20. T

    Help! Pixhawk stabilization issue

    I am running a dji flame wheel f450 equipped with a 3DR Pixhawk autopilot system. The problem is that no matter how low I set the pid values the copter sill oscillates. I have replaced the board once already and saw the exact same thing happen with the second board. I ran a test of the sensors...