Should a newbie buy a pixhawk?


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Hi everyone.
I've got a electrohub in spider mode with a KK2 FC, and a arris 2 axis gimbal controlled by a stom32 (3 axis controller). I know nothing about aerial photography, but am really keen to go down that route. Running the stock RTFquads t2212-980Kv motors, and f-20A ESCs.


I've been flying mini quads, so my electrohub hasn't been doing much recently. I find that despite my best efforts to tune it, it's still really difficult to hold a rock solid position while framing a shot at the same time. It works ok, but I think I'm really being let down by the flight controller.

So here's my plan. I want to run some 4s packs on it, to give that desperate boost in power it needs to carry the gimbal and camera (it's feeling really under powered). I probably will also try and shave off some weight, by adding littlebee 20A ESCs to it, and trying to build/find a landing gear that's lighter. I think I might go back to wooden arms, for weight reduction and better vibration absorption. That should hopefully take care of the power issue.

I'm wanting to put a better flight controller on it. I want to have return to home, GPS lock, mission planner... ect. Naza is just too expensive, so it's either going to be a APM or a pixhawk clone (probably RTFhawk). I know the hardware in the pixhawk is superior, but is it beneficial for a newbie to have the extra capability?

I'm not sure weather it's worth a newbie forking out the extra if the cheaper APM would have worked fine.

Thanks everyone.


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Just on a side note. Worked out how much wood and Al arms weigh per m. There is approx 1m of arms. Will save 83.41grams just by going back to wood arms.

Also, f-20A ESC weigh 30g each. LB 20 weigh only 4g. Thats 104g saved there alone.
So total difference of 187grams, should fly alot better once I make those changes :D .
Then putting 4s to this thing, that should help alot in compensating for the weight of the cam and gimbal.
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I have an electrohub spider quad running a pixhawk and it works great. I started with a KK2 board on a homemade tricopter and learned to actually fly first. I put the Pixhawk in about a year ago and have really enjoyed it. Setup is fairly involved, but Painless 360 has a great series of YouTube videos that I followed to get it set up. It definitely makes framing shots a lot easier. Just take your time setting up everything and you should be fine. Happy flying!