Help! Quadcopter receiver to flight controller set up


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So I'm planning to use a FrSky R9 slim receiver with the mRo pixahawk flight controller. I'm having trouble putting it all together, I'm not planning to use any telemetry radio through it, but connecting the SBUS to it is very confusing. I'm assuming VCC, S.bus out, and ground connect to RC, but will I need any Sbus Inverters? and is it S.bus out or in? Last question: When plugging servers in would I need to translate pwm to S.bus for each one of them or can I use an easier method? Can I just plug the servo directly to flight controller?


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The Pixhawk manual says to plug Sbus receivers into the receiver port. It will put out the PWM signal to the servos, so you don’t need to worry about that.
Inverted Sbus is only needed for connection to F4 based quad style FC’s where you use a UART port, you just leave that wire off for the Pixhawk by the look of it.