1. P

    Missing F-35 Master Series Plans?

    Just wondering if anyone has the f 35 master series plans? Can anyone provide a link or post the plans online? The f 35 master series I'm talking about is in this link. The YouTube video with the F-35 plans no longer exists. Considering this was...
  2. bwarz

    BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan

    bwarz submitted a new resource: BF109-G2 Master Series style - 46" wingspan - An involved build with prototype lines and some nice details! Oh yea - she flies quite nicely, too! Read more about this resource...
  3. Plans made in inkscape, printed on poster board

    Plans made in inkscape, printed on poster board

  4. Cpl Goertz

    Help! Tiling

    Hi guys, Does anybody know how to tile a full sized sheet of plans for free? Alot of community designs are full sized and I'd like to build some. Thanks, Cpl Goertz
  5. Mikey-101234

    Help! Bomb Templates?

    Can anyone make bomb templates? I just watched the latest video on FlitTest and they made bombs, can someone make a bomb template that is to make a bomb only made out of Foam Board?
  6. X

    looking for plane for a lite 3D fam board plane

    Hi, So I have build a few ft planes now and want to make something they do not have yet. I have this 2805/50 24g Motor (or alternatively a power pack A : MT1806 ) with quite a few 2s 360 mah batteries. With this setup, the motor can apparently generate around 280g of thrust (with a 9*4.7). I...
  7. D

    Printing up large plans... (Kraken)

    So, I've looked into getting the Kraken plans printed out in a large format. The cost is prohibitively expensive in most cases, and just expensive in one... A few of the quotes from printers near me were in the $200 range. One was $35, which I still consider too expensive... So, how do you...
  8. J

    best beginner balsa scratchbuild ?

    ok so i recently received this pack of balsa for christmas and am dying to build a balsa plane but want a good simple one to get started with. ps: i have been scratchbuilding...
  9. A

    Tricopter made in Austria

    Hi there! I just wanted to show you my first Tricopter i ever build. I got my inspiration from David, Flitetest and simplcopter. I just used swiveling arms for crash resistance as usual. Material for the deck is 4mm papule plywood. Arms are made from what i have got lying arround. Weight...