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power pack b

  1. The Hangar

    Plane Simple Stick V1.4

    The Simple Stick flies great at any speed - with a Power Pack B it's slow enough to fly in very small spaces but with a C pack it really cruises nicely! It glides really well and has very gentle stalls. The wingspan is around 1 meter - 970mm above the spar. For a full flight review, check out...
  2. Bavarian_RC

    Plane Bavarian RC Heinkel-219 V1.1

    Bavarian RC Heinkel-219 Designed By: Bavarian RC Plans By: Bavarian RC The Heinkel He-219 Uhu ("Eagle-Owl") was a night fighter that served with the German Luftwaffe in the later stages of World War II. A relatively sophisticated design, the He 219 possessed a variety of innovations, including...
  3. W

    New power pack B?

    I got the simple cub kit for Christmas and while I was building it to the build video, they were showing a different motor than the one in the new power pack b. Mine was different and came with no motor mount. Was it supposed to come with one? Because I try to fit the screws with the motor as...
  4. flitetest

    Plane FT Simple Cub 1.1

    FT Simple Cub Designed By: Josh Bixler Floats Designed By: Andres Lu Plans By: Dan Sponholz Overview: Thank you for choosing the FT Simple Cub as your next FT project. Our passion at FliteTest is to introduce this great hobby to as many people as possible. It is also to make that journey as...
  5. D

    Power Pack B Twin on Mini Guinea?

    I'm new to flying and I'm building the Mini Guinea from plans. Long story short, today at my local hobby store, I bought the wrong power pack. They have a no refund policy so I doubt they will take it back. Any way I can make this work? or Am I just screwed.
  6. Y

    FT Flyer - Power Pack A?

    I really wanted to build a Mini Arrow as my first RC plane, especially after Josh and Josh said wings were good for noobs in the Beginner Series videos, so I bought a Power Pack A and started cutting foam... But now reading on here I'm getting scared out of it! I'm thinking I might want to try...