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  1. G

    Planes with dihedral , Is possible place ailerons ?

    Hello Flite Test friends, I´am great fan yours. I already did the fantastic old fogey project and I really enjoy it !. Now my next one will be the mini series "Old Speedster" . But When I built the old fogey I had a doubt, : What would happen if I place ailerons in planes that has dihedral...
  2. Snarls

    rctestflight flying sled

    I'm home from college for the weekend and here in Massachusetts there is over 3 feet of snow on the ground and more than 4 in some areas. Instead of risking a white foam board FT plane or my quad at a field, I decided to build something to navigate the snowy jungle of my neighborhood. I had seen...
  3. C

    UAV for conservation of Painted Dogs (College Senior Design Project)

    Hey fellow pilots! So for my college senior design project, my team has been assigned to build a UAV for tracking painted dogs in Zimbabwe. The purpose is to increase the range of the tracking antenna by redesigning the antenna and collar, which will be done by a team of electrical, computer...
  4. jlmartin

    I don't know who else would like to build this

    I am offering a bit of a challenge for everyone including myself. I would like to see the bat wing from the animated series and not the new one either the older one i think from the 90's see pic for reference please I am having a little bit of a tough time thinking of what kind of engine to use...
  5. G

    T-Shirt project for all DLG nuts in here :)

    Hayah! Thank's to David's amazing skills presented in his old video and FliteTest videos, i got so hooked up on DLG now... Yesterday i created something that will probably end up on a t-shirt :D Feel free to download this and use it http://www.krysiak.biz/2014/06/my-new-passion/
  6. A

    Payload delivery with time opening bomb

    I've got a concept for a bomb dropped from a plane that opens after a specific time, dropping it's contents. My original idea was to use it to drop dry dog food from my AXN floater, as the area I go to has quite a few people walking there dogs, who all stop and watch my plane (it's very tempting...
  7. G

    Swappable F-35 Parkjet

    I am new to the FliteTest forum, and I have enjoyed every swappable and scratch build video these guys have put out. It inspired me to get back into flying. I am a rookie at best, so I have enjoyed all the info, article and video here. I have been building planes like crazy. I love the swappable...
  8. L

    New Project?

    I think it would be really cool if you made a flying bottle! Can be really basic, plane or heli, but make it work! Anyone else want this?
  9. Jee

    My new nightfly project - Hobby King Yak 55

    Hi guys, Flitetest is such an awesome show, I thought I would try to give back a little by sharing my newest project with you on the forum. A buddy of mine and me are doing this night fly project together: The plane kit arrived yesterday - it's a Hobby King Yak 55 which I build today. (Very...