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Doubts about almost everything

my name is Adrià Cabeza, I'm from Spain, and probably I'm the newest member of this forum, so I'm a little bit lost.
I'm sixteen years old and in Catalonia(where I live) there's a kinda final project for every student that means the 40 % of the final marks so it's very important... and my topic will be: drones.

I'm gonna introduce a little bit the history of them, types, uses... but not all the project is gonna be theoric, I wanna build one.
I've seen like a thousand videos of people building them and I know all the parts that are needed: ESC, motors, frame, Flight Controller... But I strongly need a mentor because I have loads of doubts.

Which kind of copter do you recommend? I'm most likely to build a quadcopter, maybe because it seems easier... but then... which kind of quadcopter(H shape, X shape...)?

These are the previous parts that I may use:
·APM 2.6(if I want to have autonomous functions in my machine this is the best option isn't it?)
·TURNIGY Plush 30amp Speed Controller
·Frame(I wanna build it by myself)
·Brushless motors
·Turnigy 2200mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack
·DT750 Brushless Outrunner 750kv

Are they a good choice? Would you change any of them? Is something missing? Any expert of drones that would like to give me the contact to ask more questions for my project?(theoric too, like what do you think about the future of drones? will they increase their functions?etc...just like an interview)

Any help is thanked :eek:
Hi Adria,
You have picked a very interesting a rewarding project which has a lot of subject matter which will help you in writing any reports etc. In terms of the build you are taking on, i would definitely recommend building a quadcopter in H format as frames can be made quite durable and easily out of common materials(see photo). The electronics you have picked are mostly OK however i would recommend picking a speed controller flashed with SimonK or similar firmware for smoother flights. Also, those motors are reasonable but slightly outdated IMO so maybe look at some multistar or NTM motors.
Also, do you have any radio control experience especially flying any sort of multirotor? Even buying a small Blade NanoQX would dramatically improve your chances of success as it teaches you how to fly and what a tuned multirotor should feel like. Do you have a transmitter yet?
Hope this helps. image.jpg
First of all, thanks for answering that fast ;) You helped me more than you may think.

According to the transmitter, I've read that the best option is the "Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter" but personally I don't think I'm gonna use those 9 channels so don't you think I should buy another simpler one(and cheaper)?

I was very undecided about the frame but now I know it's better to make the H-format. I've searched some of them finished and I found them really cool and as I could see here in Flitetest it isn't that difficult to build it. Tomorrow I'll try with some wood.:applause:

About choosing the right motors and ESC... If I want to get a good flight I clearly need to make some research to take a good choice.
And, nop:(, I don't have any kind of experience with flying multicopters so I'm gonna consider the option of buying a simple one to have some practice. :D



Flyer Of Many Things
for the transmitter, a fs-t6 is great for the money. 6 channels and multiple functions for anything. You could also go ahead and do a little more expensive like a tactic radio or spektrum.

I do agree that the escs should be simonk flashed for optimal flight. as for the motors, I think they would be fine, but could be improved.
As for the project, AWESOMENESS!!! An H frame would work best if you are planning to put camera or FPV on it.

Now for the flying- I presume that you not be demoing it in a classroom, but maybe permission to go to a baseball field or whatever- just make sure there is plenty of space. I would highly recommend a nano qx or a syma x1 to learn what a tuned up quad should feel like.

BE warned, this will be a relatively expensive project, but well worth it.
Thanks for your time guys! :D

First of all, I have to say that I do have my frame built and most of the electronic parts bought, so hell yeah! the project is going very well... but, I still have a doubt that doesn't allow me to start flying. I have an APM, and with some special software like mission planner, I can put waypoints and those cool functions with my computer or smartphone. How does it work? I still haven't bought anything of transmission because of that. Should I take a telemetry or something? What do I need to control my quadcopter?


Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
Hola paisano (bueno... Vecino del norte, y que Mas ignore lo que dije jejeje)

When I get home I'll write up a little this and that, as on the phone it's not easy. BTW, good english hun!!


Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
Anyway, here I am. Your setup you have chosen seems to be pretty good although I do second about choosing a model of ESC with either SimonKK or BLHeli firmware. As for a transmitter, if you are looking for a good, reliable transmitter without having money as a problem which you can grow on, here in Spain I would recommend a Futaba before a Spektrum, reason being that Spektrum isn't used much in Spain because of a lack of a good aftersales system, where as Futaba has a technical service for their guarantees right in Madrid (Modelimport, new name for what used to be Modelhob model company). Multiplex and Graupner also have a lot of good service in the EU in general, but they cost even more than a Futaba will cost you, although in those cases you are definitely paying for quality... Spektrum is more a transmitter used in the Americas and only really gets used in Europe for surface vehicles.. If you are looking for a cheap, easy to use radio for this project, then take a look at the Walkera Devo 7E, hich you don't even need to change firmware for this project, just use the Devention line of receivers and you can get everything done very easily, and if you choose to later on expand because you find you like the hobby, then you can upgrade the firmware and add modules for different frequencies, and the basic transmitter only costs €50 with shipping from Banggood and runs off 4xAA batteries, hich at that price, if something DOES break on it, it's easier to just throw it away and get another one but I can tell you from experience that it won't happen, it's a GOOD transmitter.

The APM system is going to set you back on your pocket, and it's not the easiest of systems to set up... you might want to consider other systems around that pricepoint or even ones which are less autonomous but have a LOT of following... but it all depends on just what you want the system to do I guess really.

Another thing, for the actual project, in Spain the use of the word "drone" (dron) is officially ONLY for systems assigned to commercial or military use, and in your case, being a studies project, would fall under the category of either UAS, "multirotor" or just simply "aeromodelo".

Another thing, if you are testing this out a lot it would be good to get into contact with an insurance company... Spain doesn't have an equivalent of the AMA, eventhough the governing bodies do like to make out that the "federaciones" are the equivelent, and this is not true... the federations ONLY cover for sports competition use, or on federation approved flying sites, and even then only covers at official organized events, nothing more. There are a lot of insurance companies that will insure you for about €50 a year or less, and their coverage is good depending on who it is making the policy and their understanding of the sport. I can provide you with contact details of an insurance broker who is also an aeromodelists and very active on miliamperios.com (the largest spanish RC forum), who drew up a policy knowing exactly what out needs are, and I think he charges something like €45 a year for it.

Buena suerte con el proyecto, espero que te vaya bien, y si necesitas ayuda con algo, ya sabes donde estamos!!