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  1. Flying Farm Kid

    Air tractor AT 402 B Build and cad design

    I live on a farm in NW Ohio and we see air tractors flying around us and spraying the fields all the time. In my opinion they look awesome and I have always wanted to build one. This thread will be about me designing and building an air tractor. I am designing it mainly in onshape in 2d and 3d...
  2. S

    I made mini version of ft guinea pig

    So yeah micro guinea pig I just made it with simple paper nothing much and transmitter system I broke off and RC helicopter and it actually flies
  3. Minton

    Design-Build-Fly Prototype Scratch Build

    I'm the project manager for my school's Design Build Fly team this year. In the past few years, we either bit off more than we could chew or just had other issues getting a plane in the air, so this year I aimed to have a simple flying prototype by the end of week 3. We started last Friday and...
  4. T

    Attach Wings to Cylindrical Fuselage

    Hey Guys, Im a long time reader, first time poster. If this should be posted somewhere else please let me know. On to my question: I am trying to create a semi realistic F104 Starfighter build (based on the design with small changes for ease of construction). I am having trouble finding how I...
  5. My Scratch built foam board hot glue electric power glider.

    My Scratch built foam board hot glue electric power glider.

    Simple Soarer wing and tail with a copied 2x4 glider fuselage. Flying with power pack "B" . flies awesome
  6. cdfigueredo

    Need help with Wheatboard FT 3D. pleaseee

    Yesterday I finished FT 3d. It took me two days to finish it. The wings are made of wheatboard and the fuselage and tail of a type of foamboard used to make publicity signs. I picked it up from a workshop here in the city. I have never tried it before, it is extremely heavy because it is covered...
  7. cdfigueredo

    Making my own foamboard

    Foamboard is the soul of FliteTest, but what if you just don't have access to an foamboard source, or it's just too expensive? Running several tests I discovered how to make my own foamboard easy and cheap. :cool::cool::cool: This tutorial is aimed at those who like me do not have access to this...
  8. tollesding

    Tom Stanton inspired FPV trainer

    Hello everyone, Today is all about a soild bank n yank trainer i been building several times now. It is inspired by Tom Stantons built, where he used the 3d printet ribs. That means the plane has a pusher configuration which gives it the capibility to go FPV. I always built it with taped over...
  9. IMG_20190214_074719.jpg


  10. ThreePistons

    FTFC19 Colonial Viper mkII, designed by ThreePistons

    After a year and a half of scratch building dtfb planes, it's time for me to finally try to design my own! And am I going to build an easy plane like a Cessna or top-wing trainer? No, of course not. For my first original design I'll be attempting to recreate the mkII Colonial Viper from...
  11. Jetcrafter_2000

    DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

    Hi guys, im building a DC3 or a C47 out of Styrodur and the wingspan will be 2 meters or 6,5 foot. The motors will be 2 Jamara a2208/8 with 200W each. Just ask if you want to know more tecnical details. My goals are: 1. Make it fly 2. Drop parachutes 3. Do everything by myself 4. Brush up my...