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scrach build

  1. IMG_20190214_074719.jpg


  2. ThreePistons

    FTFC19 Colonial Viper mkII, designed by ThreePistons

    After a year and a half of scratch building dtfb planes, it's time for me to finally try to design my own! And am I going to build an easy plane like a Cessna or top-wing trainer? No, of course not. For my first original design I'll be attempting to recreate the mkII Colonial Viper from...
  3. Jetcrafter_2000

    DC3/C47 2 meters / 6,5 foot twin electric plane

    Hi guys, im building a DC3 or a C47 out of Styrodur and the wingspan will be 2 meters or 6,5 foot. The motors will be 2 Jamara a2208/8 with 200W each. Just ask if you want to know more tecnical details. My goals are: 1. Make it fly 2. Drop parachutes 3. Do everything by myself 4. Brush up my...