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Surprise my dad: what FT model to build for him?


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Hi guys,

so I want to build a plane for my dad's birthday. He is kind of a noob (like me), but he loves gliders (he flies and crashes the MPX SOLIUS). He lives around an area with a lot of smaller soft hills and quite some wind, and he wants to learn slope soaring. He definitely needs a plane he can mess around with and fly in heavier wind without risking his precious solius (any further).

So, lets build him a FT Versa Wing I thought! Problem is: His MPX SMART SX transmitter can not delta mix! Is there any way around that?

Any suggestions on what to build for him would be great!

Tiny Trainer in glider form? If yes, 2channel or with ailerons? What is better for the slope?
Simple Soarer?

Or is there anything around that can take medium wind with some gusts better than those 2?

Thnx in advance!
I would go with the FT Simple Soarer, The Tiny Trainer is best with Ailerons. But then it's not as much of a sailplane. I live close to the beach and nothing like flying for a long time with only the wind...
Ps: Nothing like building an airplane with your dad, mine is 87 now and his flying days are pretty much over but we built a foamy last summer and I will never forget the experience of building and flying it with him..

Good luck..


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if you use a larger wingspan on the tiny trainer it thermals better than the simple soarer with cheaper gear. http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?19074-foam-thermic-50x&highlight=thermic+50x here is my thermic 50x if you just use the wing on the tiny trainer it will improve the glide i also do a 60in span and had great results with that i can out thermal most of the built up gliders i used to fly with. 500 2cell, 2 5 gram servos, 12 amp esc, 1804 with a 6x4 prop i could fly for hours after i get to height.


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I have built several Tiny Trainers both 3 and 4 channel and a few Explorers and most recently a Simple Soarer. I really like all of them but I think he would probably enjoy the Simple Soared the most? If you plan to power it you must design a longer power pod. Extend it forward a few inches or you will have to add a LOT of weight to the nose to balance it. It is a simple mod. You will figure it out.

Currently I have 31 airplanes stored in my transmitter memory and ready to fly. My extended nose Simple Soarer motor glider is logging the most flight time of all of them. I love it!

Simple Soarer.JPG

Here is a photo of my fuse for a little reference.
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Since my project for a tiny trainer glider failed due to the use of my heavy foam board,

(thread here: http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?27288-FT-Tiny-Trainer-glider-for-high-start)

I realized that I could only build a powered model. Thus I settled for a 125% ft mini scout. I hope I will be successful and my dad will finally have a model he will have fun bouncing around with, not having to fear to ruin much. I also figure that the relative small model will help him keeping it close and not stressing out shooting from horizon to horizon as he tends to do with his solius. I hope this way his flight abilities and confidence will still improve, even if its not one of his beloved gliders.

Any thoughts/tips/warnings/... ?