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Flite test versa wing (small version).

My name is Anshu Raj.
I'm from india.
I have just started with RC hobby airplanes.
As my starting model RC plane I have decided to build Flite Test Versa Wing.
But, due to a lot of reasons I am unable to build the exact Wing.(Size wise)
So, I have reduced the size of the Versa wing plans such that it now has a 18 inch wing span. Apart from the wings everything have been reduced in the same ratio.

So, what electronics should it require to fly like charm!
Mainly what should be the prop size.
Further will it fly at all?

Looking forward for help.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
I actuaally build and fly KFM4 flying wings (FB only NO Wing Spar) and they fly very well using 100 Watt motors and even the funfighter motor. Mind you the funfighter motor version has unlimited vertical.

Whilst the setup is a little more fiddly the fact that they do not glide far and have nothing to really damage I actually fly them very low and fast with ease. If you want something that is robust and can crash repeatedly without much damage. So far absolutely none try a KFM6 wing.

I use a cloth based reinforcing tape along the Leading Edge to keep the grass and rocks out of the edge of the foamboard.

What ever you start with you will crash and if you like flying wings it is a good place to start.

If you are open to ANY aircraft then I recommend the FT Tiny Mini Trainer.

Have fun!