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Help! How do you reinforce DIY foam skis with plastic?

Now that it's winter I built my first FT Snowballs for some winter fun. I waterproofed one with packaging tape and the other with 2 coats of minwax. I also made a pair of skis for my FT Bushwacker. The Bushwacker flew great with the skis! But I noticed that the ice of a parking lot is pretty hard on the foam of the Snowball Skis -- even ripping through the packaging tape, so I reinforced the skis with plastic.

I first tried attaching the plastic with hot glue, but the plastic came right off after my first time out. Then I tried 5 minute epoxy, but the plastic still came loose from the skis. I probably didn't prepare the surface of the plastic well enough by roughing it up with sandpaper before I glued it, so I'm going to try that next time. I also didn't glue directly to the packaging tape, but cut through the tape on the bottom of the skis to the foam.

Does anyone have any advice for what kind of glue to use to get the plastic of a milk carton or food container to stick to the paper/foam of the skis?

I can't wait to get both of the Snowballs durable enough so I can race them around a parking lot with a friend! :)



Master Tinkerer
Hmm… Would you happen to have a 3D printer? Likely note, but just curious :)

If I were to do it, I'd use PETG bottle plastic. If you sand it, the hot glue shouldn't have a problem sticking to it, or any other kind of material.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
When using FB skis you have two separate problems, Waterproofing and resistance to scratching.

You could try gluing some aluminium sheet cut from a beer can or similar to the underside of the skis, (remove the paper first), using Epoxy and then spray painting the entire ski for waterproofing. If there is enough material you may even be able to fold up the sides and toe to assist in protecting the FB.