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  1. Taildragger

    2021 Piper Cub Build Challenge!

    Pretty basic challenge. Mostly just build any piper cub and fly it. More requirements/challenges coming soon. (Don't worry I won't be like @Hondo76251 and make them hard on the airframe lol) So far all I have is: Requirements: 1: Must be a cub manufactured by Piper Aircraft Company...
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  3. Mr. Gandalf

    FTFC20 Guillows #303 Super Cub designed by Mr. Gandalf

    This is the first forum challenge I will have participated in and I am very excited to get started, but first here is some history of the balsa model! The balsa kit was pretty small with a wingspan of 24". Designed for rubber powered free flight, or control line with a glow engine, It was built...
  4. R

    Flying the FT Simple Cub in Nor Cal on a HOT day....

    When you gotta fly, you gotta fly!!! Even when the weather is close to 100 degrees! Love building FT planes. Adams White Foam board Red spray paint Emax CF2800 1200KV motor 9x5 prop 9g servos x 4 Spektrum DX5e Tx Spektrum AR500 Rx
  5. J

    Second Hand Flyzone Select Super Cub newbie motor/esc question

    First of all- thank you to whoever helps me find my issue. I am new to flight (less than 2 months) and even newer to planes (less than 24 hours) and don't have friends local to ask for help. I shot a quick video of the issue for those of you visual people like myself...
  6. BanditJacksRC

    Swapable Suggestion - J-3 Cub or Super Cub

    Hello! Let me start off by saying I am a huge FT fan and love what FliteTest does for the RC hobby/community. The FT designs are amazing, and have helped me find a new love for designing and building RC planes of all types. I just wanted to throw this out there.. I think if FT designed and...
  7. BanditJacksRC

    Swapable J-3 Piper Cub

    Just finished with my J-3 Piper Cub. I am still learning to fly and thought this guys would be a good trainer. I have always liked the J-3 and would love to fly one, one day. Motor= NTM 28-26 Prop Drive 1200kv 258w ESC= HK 30A Battery= 3c 2200mah Servos= Turnagy 9g RX= Spektrum 6100e (I...
  8. J

    Super Cub: Mounting Cheap 720 HD Cam???

    I have a 720 HD Camera made for RC planes... its about the size of a baby carrot or so. It isn't waterproof or high quality but it does the job. Anyway, I want to mount it to my super cub when I fly with floats (I only really fly the Super Cub at the lake and leave the floats on all the time)...
  9. A

    insight from a newbie(never flown rc before)... or a review for the Super Cub DSM

    let me start out by saying I love flight. I have a computer setup for MS flight simulator that has taken years to put together. However it was missing something for me.I want that opportunity to fly around outdoors enjoy real weather and maybe when i am better join a flying club or something...
  10. J

    SuperCub Stock Receiver Using 5th Channel

    So I bought the SuperCub as my trainer to learn to fly. I have the DX4e transmitter that came with it. I know the supercub stock receiver can handle ailerons (I'll be adding these once I master 3 channel flying), but without getting a new receiver can the stock receiver be used to also control...
  11. S

    problems with my dx6i!

    so i bound the controller to my super cub lp. and everything works no problems. Except when the throttle keeps cutting out so i went and fixed it with throttle cut settings. so i got flying flew a little bit and then it went to power cut of i only got about four minutes when i usually get 10. is...
  12. J

    Winter flying is lots of fun... Cold on the hands though

    Flying my super cub with Du-Bro Skis. Its lots of fun. Hobbyzone Super Cub, Park 480 outrunner, With the upgraded motor it nearly jumps off the snow.
  13. G

    HZ Super Cub, First Flight Success - Thanks Flite Test

    First flight today in 20 years! Yesterday, I bought a HZ Super Cub and took it for my first flight today. It's been 20 years since I last flew a RC plane and I had a successful day, went through 2 batteries, and no crashes! After reading the forums, I learned about Absolute RC Simulator for my...
  14. S

    Do you have a rocket on your plane?