Motor suggestions for 3s 2200mah pack + free plans planes?


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Hello there, first of all thanks for yout time on reading this post!

I'm going for my 4th FT build already (1/3 still flying ;)!) and since I dont know much about e-motors specifications and brands I always try to follow the FT guides but due to the airfield I got and the kind of materials I find here I notice my airplanes always end up a little heavier than FT ones, since I need to add landgears, the batteries I got are 3s 2200mah and the depron I find here looks heavier (?), thing is I always end up with a 950-1200 grams plane (with all eletronic), the poor NTM 2826 1200kv and even the NTM 3530 1400 kv (current on a baby blender and going strong! Well as long as not much windy :( ) with 9x6 to 10x5 props but those are easier to change.

So I would like to know if anyone got better suggestions of e-motors to use with:

- 3S 2200mAh battery
- final weight 900-1200 g
- maybe some speed to make the a Spitfire or P51 funnier :D ?



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Mostly 20-30c, that looks like a good option, I was considering a Ntm 3536-910kv for my trainers/non-warbird planes but not sure the discharge rate of my batteries can handle it.


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What's the flying weight of your plane and how's the fly duration on this config? The price is really good compared to the NTM series.

Motor includes the mount, bullet connectors and prop collet adapter.

Err well the FT Racer is now in pieces ;) But it was built with Elmers foam as well so it was tank.




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I ended up going with an Emax Gt2815/07 1100kvm guess I wont be flying too long with mines 2200mAh but I'll get 3000mAhs later xD

thanks for help!