My swappable fleet so far.....


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I'm just getting started in R/C but here are the FliteTest swappables I've build so far.
The Nutball (front), the Delta (right) and the Flyer (back). I've also built the RC-Help Trainer V3.1 (Not pictured). I used Elmer's Foamboard for the builds because that's what I had at the time. I got some Dollar Tree (Adams) foamboard a couple of days ago and it's about half the weight of the "good stuff". I bought two bundles of Fanfold "Blu Core" and will be building airplanes out of that very soon.

I'm getting the "electronics" from Hobby King and my friends but delivery (especially from my "friends") is slow this time of year. I will be populating the Power Pods and airframes as soon as the "guts" arrive. :)

Art Applewhite
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Very nice Fleet artapplewhite! Just need to slap some minwax or colored tape for some flavor and your good to go. You will enjoy the Delta the most i say. Enjoy them sir! This hobby has definitely become a lot more accessible, inexpensive and fun to be a part of these days. I started my RC adventure at age 7 with the "wired RC's" in the early 80's with my dad, then moved on to the better gas "Fox Motor" glow planes as a young teen with the giant Futaba transmitters and took a 19 year hiatus to return to this universe which is now amazing and more fun then ever. Enjoy it! :cool: