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  1. V

    Tiny Whoop Beecore F3 with Turnigy Evolution Bind Issue

    Hi guys, Not sure if this is where I should be posting but I've been working on a Tiny Whoop build for months now and can't figure out how to bind my Turnigy Evolution with it. I'm quite new to the hobby and have only successfully built a full size FPV Quadcopter, so this will be my first Tiny...
  2. southPOW

    Low budget Motor-Kit from China - what specs do i need for Tiny Trainer

    Hi, i am pretty new to RC flight. I never build ore flew one. Now i am a early retirement guy in his early 40th. And i struggle to get rid of the morning time. I need a Hobby ;) So i ordered a tiny trainer and hot glue gun on Saturday. I cant spend much money so i bought a used Devo 7. I...
  3. SteveRobey

    Can I slightly modify the FT Tiny Trainer?

    Hi all, I created a new thread to ask these questions because I didn't find anything applicable through searching the forum so please share links to the appropriate threads if anybody knows of one. My first question is does anybody think I could modify the trainer wing (with up turned winglets)...
  4. W

    Tiny Whoop Commissions!

    I am, as you can see by the title, doing Tiny Whoop commissions! If you do not want to spend the time, have the skills, or for whatever reason want to build one yourself, I am here for you! What is a Tiny Whoop? A Tiny Whoop is a BLADE Inductrix, with a FPV setup. These things are a blast to...
  5. Loudmouthman

    Bricking your Multirotor; and not in a bad way. Flybrix anyone?

    I took the plunge and ordered up the FlyBrix premium set; more of the tiny whoop sized flying with the bonus of multirotor experimenting. The kit was pretty 'kickstartery' in delivery but the Lego kit assembly and the speed to air was enjoyable. However lego multirotors are not made for crashes...
  6. T

    Tiny trainer with motor Pod- Will it fly?

    I really liked the idea of the high mount motor used by trainers like the Crash Test Hobbies Albatross. So I put one on a Tiny Trainer with glider nose. pointed slightly to the left. It balanced out ok on the plan CG with the battery and electronics as far forwards as possible. Will it...