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We know when to laugh


Fly yes... land no.
15 years ago this would have been a lot different.
It would have ended in tears but modern rc flying with inexpensive parts & foam board is a delight.

This was the 2nd flight of the day.
I'd been fighting a tail heavy plane but the previous flight was almost 8 mins.
So wanted to try 1 more thing but well...

My son had been enjoying the view from the FPV goggles.

I'm really glad he has learned/recognized this fun and a crash is not the end of the world.
When we thundered in the YC-14 last summer he was very upset.

This summer we are going to fly a twin prop egg dropping beast.
My son will have a 4 egg hooper at his command and use the FPV goggle to line up and release them on target while I fly.

Can't wait.
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