1. Taildragger

    Scale Backcountry - Big Tire - STOL Planes Thread, Scale ONLY please :)

    New place for me to post my Scale Backcountry Adventure videos, and to post new builds, tips for scale BACKCOUNTRY accessories and cool aircraft. In the title I said "Scale only please" because I'm really picky and planes in this thread will need to be based off a full-size plane, not just a...
  2. J

    GEN1 Ft Spitfire Video

    Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and building during this quarantine... :) I made a youtube video of my Ft spitifire with a gopro while flying at a polo field. Enjoy and have fun flying. ;) . Feel free to leave any advice.
  3. T

    3D Printed POWERUP 3.0 Plane Weird Flight Characteristics (First Post)

    Hi. I'm new to the Flite Test forums but I've been in a few others before so I have some experience. This post is about a video I made on my YouTube channel here: I'd like to talk about some weird flight characteristics I experienced with this plane. When I first threw the plane it would...
  4. C

    RACE WING FPV WITH THE MINI ARROW Hello to whom ever is checking this out! Please check them all out! Let me know what ya think as well. I'm excited to show my videos of tearing up the local parks and a couple...
  5. G

    New to the forum, just sayin' hi :)

    New to the forum, just sayin' hi - Check out my YT Vids :) Hey guys, So I've been watching FT on YouTube off-and-on forever (like probably since 2013), but since I'll be going to FliteFest West this year, I figured it'd be a good time to join the forum and see what's up. I'm 17 and live in...
  6. eXpire

    FT Hovercraft and my first youtube video

    Hi @ all, i just uploaded my very first youtube video and wanted to share it with you. Tell if you like it, and if not, what i can do better. If you want the raw 8 minutes video too, then please tell me and i will upload it too. Chris (Description from youtube page:) Winterproject of...
  7. Prof_Lawry

    Analytics/Demographics of FT viewers

    As a lover of data, I would like to see an episode discussing web analytics of FT viewers, particularly viewer age. This is important because the RC aviation hobby must attract a young audience to continue strong into the future. For example, on my own technical non-flight (CAD) videos, YouTube...
  8. D

    Early April Quad Flying

    My first video on my new channel. I fly racing drones and decided recently to edit some videos together and put them on the internet. Expect a lot more from my channel in the near future! Thanks!
  9. G

    Help -- my (post production) video is pixelated.

    I shoot video from a Versacopter using an SJ4000 Action Cam (go pro knock off). The video looks great in raw form -- HD quality. However, after I edit it using iMovie and then post it to Facebook or Youtube it is quite pixelated. Even the post-production file that I save to a local drive is...
  10. A

    check out my new video of me flying my new bolt 250

    pls like and subscribe and give me feed back:cool: video\ quad specs trying out the new blackout motors from bolltrc 2206-2350kv pilot alex genovese jr cam man Zarak Khan supplier bolt rc quad bolt 250 esc-little bee 20amp...
  11. Raptortech

    Most awesome channel trailer ever?

    I'd love to hear what you guys think!!! If you have any questions about the (freakin awesome!) aircraft featured in the (freakin awesome!) video, definitely feel free to ask!
  12. JamesWhom

    Share Your Youtube Channels

    I thought I would start a thread to help self promote peoples own youtube channels. If there is a thread about this already, I do apologise. Starting a Youtube channel is hard at first, so this may help people get a bit of a kick start. :) Here is mine...
  13. JamesWhom

    Starting a new RC Youtube Channel?

    Ever wanted to set up an RC focused Youtube Channel? I've just started my own RC youtube channel and was wondering if anyone has any tips for me starting out, to help me gain traffic and build up an audience. Maybe these tips would be good for helping other people to do the same...
  14. P

    Naze32 Video 'How to' Series now on YouTube

    Hey, Just a quick note to let you know that my latest flight controller series about the Naze32 is now available on the Painless360 YouTube channel - In the video series we have videos that cover initial setup, advanced...
  15. Bryonheath

    Plug your YouTube channel

    Plug your YouTube channel for your fpv ,fun flying, or how to videos or what ever you youtube so we all can enjoy them Here's mine
  16. H

    Hobby Wireless TV

    In this thread we will be posting all new Hobby Wireless TV episodes. Hobby Wireless TV is our Youtube channel where we post helpful and informative videos on everything FPV! Our first video is over our Plug and Play Boards and their features. Feel free to leave your comments!
  17. colorex

    Resize 1080p or record 720p?

    Hey guys, Long time no post. I just got my Mobius HD camera. I have intentions to upload all (most) of my edited videos in 720p - both YouTube and Vimeo. So, for this purpose, what would give the better quality? Recording in 1080p and resizing in Premiere Pro Recording directly to 720p...
  18. C

    FT Quebec

    Hey guys, sorry for the french... Bonjours a tous, je me demandais si il y en avait à qui ça tentait d'essayer une expérience unique et de partir un channel FT Quebec (un peu a l'image de Flite Test Argentina)? bien sur il faudrais l'accord mais je pense que c'Est possible à réaliser! Laissez...
  19. V


    Hello all, I am attempting to spread the word about my new youtube channel. It is a recent startup but very shortly will have everything from multirotor tech stuff to rc airplane challenges. Here is the link to my channel (Honest Rc Reviews)...
  20. WarbirdFan66

    Google F**** up YouTube

    I really surprised, i dont here anything about the new wonderfull features Google (Google+) is forcing on all Youtube users right now!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Nobody seems to complain about it, nobody is saying...