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Google F**** up YouTube

I really surprised, i dont here anything about the new wonderfull features Google (Google+) is forcing on all Youtube users right now!!!


Nobody seems to complain about it, nobody is saying anything, the comments are not working unless i agree to link my account with google+...shit if i wanted a damn facebooksite i would logged in there....the whole thing makes me angry, feels like im in Nazi-Germany or in Russia.
Or, who knows, maybe its just me and everyone else is so happy about all the wonderfull new stuff that they are all celebrating right now...who know :applause:

Would love to hear what you guys think about the wonderfull new Google/ Youtube world out there...:mad:


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I agree with you, I have no idea why they are forcing people to do this. I already had a YouTube account then a separate gmail account. Then when this happens I have to make a whole new account that will end up linking with my YouTube account, new google account and then I have a separate gmail account...I have no clue how to keep track of all these accounts that are for the same friggin thing!


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The did something similar with Google Play. My best guess is that by linking words to people they want to raise the tone of argument, which cannot be a bad thing on youtube... Still I am all about personal choice about personal information, so I understand your frustration.


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You can still choose between your original YouTube account/identity and Google + ID on the YouTube home page.
Yes you can, but I do not know if this works for you, but If I click reply to a comment, it lets me do that but I get an
"Oops we (mind you: Google) cannot find this page ..."....


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Found an explanation about the new Google/Youtube construction by Reggie Watts and friends (JASH).

Now it is all clear to me: here it goes: