❤️️ Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack English for Open-TX transmitters ❤️️


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I just released a new "Edgy" Sound Pack for Open TX transmitters.

❤️️ Some neat things about my Sound Pack: ❤️️

--Drop in replacement for other English Sound Packs
--750 new audio files, more than any other sound pack
--Unlike other Sound Packs, you can browse in Windows Explorer and see the phrase said in the file, and sort by Album / Category. Yes! Godsend!
See it here: http://air-war.org/graphics/edgy_dir_listing.jpg
--No more 4 different voices on your radio, finally your radio will talk to you in one voice.
--I down sampled everything to 16kbs, with no loss in sound quality, which should work on even the oldest transmitters, but I only have TX-16s so no way to test.
Anyone with older or different radios who could confirm my sound files play on it, and let me know, that would be gang bangers.
--Actively maintained
--Released freely under the GPL.

On Rotor Builds: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/26173

Project Home Page: http://edgy.air-war.org

Direct Download Link (for the lazy): http://air-war.org/edgy/Choppergirls Edgy SoundPack English for OpenTX.zip

Download Dir: http://air-war.org/edgy/

Read Me File: http://air-war.org/edgy/_ReadMe.txt

Subscribe to me on Youtube http://youtube.com/choppergirl

Questions? Comments? Input? Advice? Brilliant Ideas? Requests? Hate mail? Suggestions? Bug Reports?
Email me: choppergirl@air-war.org

☁ 🛫 Choppergirl's ✈ Flying 🛩 Circus 🛬 ☁


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✅ Direct Download Link ⫸⫸↯ http://air-war.org/edgy/Choppergirls Edgy SoundPack English for OpenTX.zip

Download Dir (if the above does not work for you): http://air-war.org/edgy/

Project Home Page: http://edgy.air-war.org

Read Me File: http://air-war.org/edgy/_ReadMe.txt

--- Quick install instructions ---
-- basically, you'll just be replacing /SOUNDS/en folder on your TX's microSD card with mine. That's it!

-- unzip the Zip archive to your desktop. You'll get a "SOUNDS" folder with another "en" folder in it
-- connect to your transmitter with a USB cable (or put your microSD in a card reader)
-- in My Computer, backup your old microSD cards /SOUNDS/en folder if you wish, or rename it to /SOUNDS/en_original , or... just delete it
-- drag and drop my new replacement /SOUNDS/en folder that you just unzipped
..... onto your microSD card drive using Windows Explorer
..... to simply replace your old /SOUNDS/en folder. (say yes to replace queries)
-- when done copying,,, disconnect safely from USB. you're done.
-- if you don't hear new sounds when power cycling your radio, make sure your radio "Voice language" is set to "English" in SYS: Settings:(gear icon)
-- Caveat: Note that if you don't use the other language sound packs, if you are pressed for space on your microSD card, you can delete them.

On Rotor Builds: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/26173


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Is this the same as the Amber sound pack ? as I already have that on my TX16s

Nope, not the same... : - ) the Amber Sound Pack hasn't been updated in 8 years and nobody knows what happened to Amber (or anything about her?)

This is a whole new Sound Pack of 750 new sound files recorded by myself that I made this month over the course of 3 weeks of work. Play one of the videos to hear my voice first. I'm more of the tomboy kind of girl next door you'd play a game of pickup basketball with, rather than the svelty siren seductress of Amber. I think my voice is a little bit more down to earth and not auto tuned or studio enhanced (since I made it out of my kitchen with the refrigerator right behind me), so maybe a bit more girl next door edgy and gritty. Except, well, I fly fully aerobatic quadcopters and have 3 full sized ultralight airplane projects in the shop.

It's a drop in replacement of English System and User sounds, and includes sounds for Wing, Glider, Quadcopter, and Helicopter Pilots. I imagine it could be used for Cars, Boats, Submarines, etc. As long as your transmitter is Open-TX orcan play .WAV files, you're good to go. You can preview the sounds from your desktop by browsing through the folder in a file explorer and double clicking on them.

If you're replacing another sound pack, I recommend renaming your old /SOUNDS/en folder to something else like /SOUNDS/en.org so you can always go back to it if you don't like my voice.

Or you can back up your old /SOUNDS/en folder to your computer. Or you can also test install my Soundpack under another languages folder name, like "cz" instead of "en", and then chose "Czech" from the Settings menu to switch to (for example). Kind of a mouthful of ways to save your old files or put it on your transmitter, but for most people probably just replacing the old "en" folder with mine is the simplest way to go. If they want to go back to the computer voice or Amber, they can always download those sound packs again off the net from open-tx.org.

Edgy Sound Pack on Rotor Builds: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/26173
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----- Some Random Weird Flying Related Stuff about Me ----

For RC equipment, I have two blinged out Radiomaster TX-16s's named Red Queen and Blue Caterpillar. I use DJI FPV goggles with directional biquad antennas and fly a Flywoo 7" Mr Croc Quadcopter... well, I was, until I fried out my ESC by plugging in the XT60 connector backwards. I bought a replacement, and just today bought a digital 51mp microscopt so I can replace it. That's going to be a fun job requiring a complete tear down because they soldered to the bottom of the ESC pads :-/

My grandfather was a P-38, P-47, and P-39 fighter pilot in the Pacific theatre who flew 171 missions: http://blue2.air-war.org

My dad was an air traffic controller and we had a Cessna 170 at one point.

You might thing I got my itnerest in aviation from either one of them, but Nope! Not at all. Zero.

My interest in aviation started with 3 very colorful Dollar Store Camel biplanes I had when i was 2ish. I would swoop them around me like I was flying. I took them apart, and put the orange wings with the yellow plane, and the pink wings with the green plane.. it was the first mod and build I ever did. I grew up loving the multicolor painted German WW1 fighter planes. Later in high school I would watch the black and white dragonflies fight over our pond... right up there with hummingbirds.

When I got into general aviation I wanted to paint my planes bright dayglo orange, yellow, pink, and green with black and white invasion stripes, and fly low and fast to the ground. Well that rubbed a lot of feathers the wrong way. When I stopped watching Ultraligh flying videos, and started watching quadcopter FPV videos, I was entranced, and jumped ship... and all my crazy neon high visibility color schemes are just par for the course with quad copters. : - )

My big sprawling FPV research holder page: http://fpv.air-war.org

I have 3 people sized vintage airplane projects I bought off the net and brought home myself, Dorothy, Alice, and Jennie.. that I bought for $38, $99, and got free, respectively. I built a 20" airplane carrier trailer I named Victoria. Lots of fun welding on that one. http://air-war.org

My profile on HomeBuiltAirplanes: http://hba.air-war.org

I'm the only girl to have ever taken an airplane through a Taco Bell Drive-thru: http://air-war.org/poorgirl/PickupTrip/3-taco bell.jpg1

Way back when quadcopters were still made of wooden sticks before I had even brought home my first ultralight airplane project, I ran a heavily modified Batttlefield 2142 and Battlefield 2 free public demo servers... for the most intense futuristic VTOL gunship and chopper / jet aerial combat ever.... called... Choppergirl's AIRWAR. 200,000+ players over 5 years. Good times. That's where I picked up my nick "choppergirl".

I'm the first person to have an FPV stunt double for ultra close in quadcopter flying. She makes public appearances sometimes. Get your picture taken with Serenity some day! She doesn't talk much, but she loves getting her photo taken!: http://air-war.org/serenity.shtml

1,200+ hours in Liftoff. Friend the Liftoff Princess on Steam ! : https://steamcommunity.com/id/choppergirl/

❤️️ Subscribe to my Youtube ❤️️ http://youtube.com/choppergirl

I hope some guys will try my sound pack out, give it a whirl and chose me to be their co-pilot on their radio, because I love to fly.... or rather, frolic and tear up the sky. My voice is probably an acquired taste, and that little tinny speaker of a transmitter doesn't do it much justice to be sure.

It sounds okay to me from playing the desktop files though. Maybe it's just a cheap $2 1.5" general purpose speaker hardware thing.

Amber... who knows about Amber... :p Amber is AWOL...

Rock the Patron Goddess of AIR WAR on your radio instead! ; - )

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Thanks I will check out your sounds, I only use my TX16s these days and downloaded the Amber sound pack and kept the original. So I literaly have hundreds to choose from at present.
Welcome to the forum by the way.


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i love my TX-16's... I bought them because I wanted just a basic black radio (like basic black shoes or a basic black purse)... and then immediately set out to bling them up with a ton of colorful mods that added $$$ in cost to them. I think between my two transmitters, I've put $850 into them... color CNC kits, HAL gimbals, colored switch nuts, speaker upgrades, lanyards, Umbrella stick ends, colored sparkly grip tape, Crossfire Full JR Bay Units, etc. Crazy. It adds up. So much for going the cheap basic radio route.... (!)

I originally made the Sounds for myself.. but thought geez, since I recorded 260 that I needed as a quad pilot, I might as well go all the way and do all 750 for wing pilots... give soemthing back, considering I couldn't of gotten anywhere without the hundreds of How to Youtube videos I watched put out by other RC'ers, particularly on Open-TX and Betaflight.


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Lol, not out to burn anyone, but his troll game needs work. I call him a troll only because he self describes himself in two words as a "Troll Spammer". So allow me to offer some unwanted advice that may rapidly advance his trolling career. To quote MC Hammer, "if you're not going to work hard at it, you might as well quit!"

First, if one aspires to be an epic troll, you must pick a topic people are highly passionate and opinionated about. Politics, religion, abortion, celebrities, ideology, anything people really get fired up, passionate or livid about or will really dig in their heels about. An RC forum... mmm nope. Nobody's going to get bent out of shape about anything here. You can say Jumper is better than Radiomaster is better than Taranis all day long, and nobody will be really plussed. You can tell me I sound like Dr. Girlfriend, or fingernails on a chalk board, or a quack quack waddle waddle duck, and I'm like shrug, sorry my voice don't suit your taste, then just don't install it. RC groups, not fertile trolling pasture. So, first fail, is venue.

Second, you want to trigger or set off as many people as possible with as few or little words as possible. Hanging out in this thread was only... me.. if even that. Just not enough eyeballs. Not a powder keg. Think Europe as a powder keg right before WW1. All it took was Gavrilo Princip to fire one shot at one person, and boom, a whole conflagration started. Not trolling per say, but if you want to aspire to be an epic master troll, that's the kind of scenario you want to be looking for. As a troll you don't want to fire off a thousand million bullets, you just want to be the one person that throws in one match into a room full of dynamite that starts the war / explosion / chain reaction.

Third, is target. You don't pick a fight with a mother effing battleship. I spent 5 years running modified game servers with purile teenage boys coming in every single day talking smack. Talking smack is de rigeur par for the course on a game server. It won't trigger me, but your street creed will plummet, your character will be revealed, and I will probably make a small mental note you're an idiot. I say small mental note, because the vast ocean of players that come into game servers are idiots. Plus, you can always redeem yourself by coming back later with something intelligent. So, don't pick fights with battleships with a good command of the language and who bristle with mental firepower. Or someone like me who knows what black propaganda is, yellow journalism, or who dabbles in electronic warfare. If you're Horshack on Welcome Back Kotter, you don't try to get one up Mr Kotter.

I mostly typed this not because I'm triggered, but because I'm bored at the moment.

All feedback is welcome, good and bad, troll and non-troll.

I'm actually surprised how little feedback I'm getting on it so far, I guess it just takes time for people to know that it's out there, and then decide after a while, yeah, they do want to try it, and come back, they saw it and made a mental note it's out there. That's how I am, even with free stuff. If it's free now, it will be free later, so I can take my time and mule it over and think about it. Several months later, when I'm bored, I'll remember it, and think what about that thing, let's try it out that I got time and interest in it.

I made it for myself, if anyone wants to use it, great, it's already made, knock yoruself out. If not, no big deal, it's on my own radio and that's plenty good enough for me. Copying digital bits are like sharing the fire of a candle flame... your own candle / copy / flame is not diminished no matter how many other candles you light with it.

So far though it's got 700 page views on Rotor Builds, and it just keeps climbing steadily every day. Eventually that will taper off, but if the statistics on what some forums are telling me as to how many new members they are getting each day... geez, people bored during the pandemic are signing up big time to the forums and pouring into the hobby. We're now in what they are calling a "Boredom economy". People are buying and doing things to keep from being bored out of their minds.
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Actually, I'm not a Troll, I SPAM trolls... That is just a catch phrase that has been on my account for several years, and you can no longer go in and change it. At any rate, No harm no foul, just friendly conversation.

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Nobody is trolling anyone here kiddo. If you are on about @LitterBug and myself we go way back here in the forums and poke fun at each other all the time.

Like every other person that tags in here and starts spamming everything they do I check them out to see if they are for real. As I did you. I have to say that last post confirmed what I thought. You are wayyy to angry to worry about specially after I saw you had problems with a quad build. I looked at your you tube to see if you posted anything about the build instead I came across your Vlog post where you sounded like a really spoiled and spiteful child ranting because something did not go your way.

The reaction you just gave to the friendly posts here really tells a story. Sadly I actually have to talk to the admins about the undertones of your rant here as its quite threatening, and we dont roll like that here kiddo. Finally to be honest after your bit about dabbling in electronic warfare insinuating you are a hacker I wouldn't touch your voice pack with a gameboy let alone something I rely on to fly safely.


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What a thread for me to jump back into after a forum hiatus.
I don't mean to put words into anyone's mouths, so whatever follows is just my take on what I've seen.
I have "met" choppergirl before over on the homebuilt airplanes forum. She's young compared to their subscriber base and was often talked down to and berated for her passion and different viewpoint. I haven't been over there in some time because of how argumentative and quick to sling mud many of the members are. I suspect the defense mechanisms from being in that environment are some of what you're seeing in the above post.
We try to discourage that behavior on this forum and those who do partake in the flaming go away pretty quickly.

Psyborg is our local curmudgeon and has a tendency to respond with equal fervor. Generally he means well, even though he'll occasionally feed the trolls.

TLDR. We don't roll like that here, so everyone step back, assume an intended humor when re-reading, then re-engage.


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@Tench745 First Welcome back mate we missed having you around.

I gotta kinda stick to my guns here bro. That response she gave was exerted effort to pick a fight. Then add in the under toned threats (which after getting hacked I am SUPER aggressive going after anyone who even thinks joking about it is funny)

Like I stated above. I saw her post spamming the Voice Pack so I figured Id give it a listen. Not my cup of tea. In my search for examples I saw she had an issue with a quad and was more then willing to step up as usual. After looking at her you tube page I found she has never flown a real quad its all done in lift off. Which she has pestered the devs to the point they don't respond well to her. THEN I came across her rant Vlog after she tried to build a quad and blew it up. It was nothing but Fbomb this Fbomb that, the hobby sucks, the people suck, whahh whahh wahh and decided I REALLY did not need to get involved with another Tazman or Aspiman.

I come here the following morning to see her rant. Sorry gotta say we don't need whiny children crying out look at me look at me let alone ones with anger management issues. There are enough normalish people here REALLY wanting to be in the hobby and really wanting to learn or needing the help.

Trolling and ranting aside yes we ALL partake at times but there are flat out threats in her post and I wont tolerate that even if I get tossed from the forums for being a curmudgeon.


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The person that said they did not see me flying, did not look very hard. I've been flying quad copters since roughly Dec 2019, according to the date stamp on this GPS locking/Angle mode flying only quad public video being flown Line of Sight by looking straight up. Useful maybe for a birdseye view or inspecting soemthing,but not my kind of flying at all. I now don't consider this flying; I call this method "balooning":

If you missed that one, it was pretty hard to miss the first all systems test flight of my Digital FPV Long Range 7" quad system, straight off the bench from Betaflight / Open-TX configuration... or it's Panteen variant.

What you are seeing, is exactly what I'm seeing in the DJI digital goggles at 720p. The paradigm has changed; you no longer need to be in a cockpit to enjoy flying. A test flight is not about aerobatics or cinematic flying; it's about take off, running through some checks, and landing.

I initially thought I would test it Line of Sight, but realized, I could not make out the orientation of the quad with my poor eyesight, so I'd hit the disarm fail safe as soon as it started drifting out of my control. It occurred to me, there was nothing wrong with my configuration work. It was a big open air flyer (exactly why I bought it), and not a backyard enclosed space flyer. It had tons of power, and I could probably totally fly it instead fpv... and so I took it to a wide open space to fly.

If you think simulator flying is "not real flying", you are foolishly mistaken and not using one of the most valuable tools available. A person can advance rapidly in the simulator, very, very rapidly and cost free. Here is me flying just yesterday in the sim just for fun... about 1,200 hours later of "Simulator Stick Time":

If you think you can take me in the air, bring it on. I set up my rates, and I will thrash you to pieces in the air.

As for the rest, none of this character assassination speculative rubbish is topical, nor has anything what so ever to do with my transmitter sound pack announcement, nor with Open-TX technical support related questions regarding it, and should probably be purged by the admins from this thread.

If you're an admin browsing this, feel free to purge the non-topical comments, you have my blessing. Please keep it topical, folks.

HomebuiltAirplanes, the afore mentioned forum, is a cesspool of toxic masculinity, millennial haters, quadcopter / RC drone haters, and misogynists. As the only girl there for 5 years who made 1,682 well crafted and thought out aviation related posts getting 642 post likes (very high like ratio in a tough crowd), and still has one of the most popular threads there with 277,000 views and 4,000 posts to date... I could write a scathing book about it, but again, not topical... nor germaine to this thread.

Now, if you would like to continue down a baseless mud slinging road fabricated purely by your projection of things you dislike about people you've met that are not me, upon me, and unfounded in fact, we can continue.... but not here. If you want to spout out unfounded rubbish or unrelated nonsense, you can take it to email, and you better cite your sources: choppergirl@air-war.org

I speculate none of this has anything to do with me, and trying to troll me with vitriol, and get my thread deleted not for my own posts, but for your own toxic ones. I'm no stranger to this, nor falling for it. Nobody speaks for "we", as "we" would include "me", as I'm in this discussion as well, as this is my thread about something I made for the RC hobby as and am sharing with the public as something to give back to the hobby for all the excellent Youtube How To Videos I've watched, and I don't agree with your unfounded hostility against me at all that has no place in this thread.

I look forward to eviscerating all comers in email. Bring it on.

But a product announcement and technical support thread is not the appropriate venue.

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