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.049 nitro FT-racer build

I am making a mini ft racer, but instead of electric it's gonna be nitro. I am going to fiberglass the fuselage and make a few other mods but it will mostly resemble the ft racer. I am gonna resize the plans to a wingspan of 34".

Updates will be few and far between but I hope to finish the plane in a few weeks.

If you like watching things that weren't made to go "fast" go really fast then you might like this thread. I think it will be similar in speed to a 2800kv motor with a 3s battery setup


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Ah, we use to fly them they were called GLH,s kited by ACE. With a hot TD .049, launch and 4 to 5 minutes for great fun. When fuel ran out hopefully you glided to a finish and not regretting that you had to pick up pieces. Happy flying