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so is their a cheap 1,3 or 1,2ghz fpv stuff out their because 900mhz is illegal in Iceland and i fly on 2,4 but i could use 5,8 but people have said that it is not that good, but i also read in a post by trappy in blacksheep that it is not good to use lower frequency fpv gear than on your rc gear, and is it that bad to use 5,8 in a area that has not many trees or other stuff in the way?


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
No experience with FPV yet and not much to offer except that Futaba states in their FAQ's that 2.4 FPV should not be a problem with 2.4 Fasst Radio. Still though like you I hesitate to spend my money to just to find out that there might be an issue.

Okay but what abut 5,8 is it going to be a big problem if their is not many things in the way? Hobbyking has it so cheep and i like that they send to Iceland whit no problem so it is weary tempting.